Reflections of Gratitude: 5 Things to be Thankful for

What are you grateful for? YuLife CEO Sammy Rubin shares why you should take a moment to reflect and be actively thankful for the things around you, and how it can change your mindset.

Yugi the Giraffe - 3 August 2020

This week, I wanted to speak some words from the heart on the things that have made me feel grateful and appreciative of YuLife. When we’re pushing on and overcoming obstacles without stopping and taking a breath, it’s easy to get bogged down, so one of things I practice is focusing on and showing gratitude.

There are so many powerful benefits to tuning into what we are grateful for: It can even rewire the brain. And the impact of gratitude not only applies to everyday life but to businesses too. A business that has a foundation of gratitude creates a culture of appreciation and positivity to thrive.  

Here are 5 things I’m grateful for:

Our YuCrew

According to a Forbes article, being grateful to each other at work “satisfies the higher psychological need to feel a sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves– to feel a sense of meaning at work

“We're all on the same mission and every team member has contributed to this adventure in a meaningful way.”

At YuLife, we have a strong culture of gratitude among our team; We're all on the same mission and every team member has contributed to this adventure in a meaningful way. The connection we have with one another as a team is really special, and I believe this will continue to grow as we grow as a business.

I also reflect on our transition to a virtual business and how we have shifted from being altogether in our London office to working from home across different countries without a lapse in productivity and sheer enthusiasm.

Our ability to protect so many lives

YuLife is grateful to the space we exist in, and to be able to help protect lives at a time when things are stressful and uneasy. With individuals now valuing Group Income Protection over Private Medical Insurance in light of the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to give people a peace of mind.

According to a Glassdoor survey, “53 percent of employees say they would stay longer at their company if they felt more appreciation from their boss.” In these unprecedented times, employers can show their employees that they care and show appreciation for everything they do with meaningful benefits that value their wellbeing.

Our community

YuLife wouldn't be anywhere without the trust of our customers and members, and we never take our Trustpilot reviews for granted. We have customers all over the UK embracing YuLife as a way to support and protect the health and wellbeing of their teams. And we have YuLifers (our members) who participate in YuLife daily and have experienced real impact on their lives. This recent review makes me particularly thankful:

I use the app every single day without fail - it has become part of my daily life and integral to my wellbeing. I know I have to go for a walk or meditate in order to gain extra coins and unlock extra rewards, but this isn't overwhelming as the expectations are manageable - you can take a 5-minute stroll or a half-hour walk - there is no pressure to perform at all. I have been using the app every day for 38 days so far and I have enough coins already to redeem against a 10-pound amazon voucher (but I am going to save up all of my coins ready for Christmas!) get fit and go shopping with free money?! what's not to love!”

Our technology

It’s revolutionary to build a game within the insurance industry. We're taking a very old and traditional industry and bringing a fun and desirable experience full of joy and life. We’re encouraging people to build health habits by incentivising them with rewards for healthy living. App design is an art and the art of building YuLife, under the leadership of Josh Hart, our CTO, has created a product that people love to use everyday.

Our opportunity to make a difference

YuLife has an opportunity to make a difference in the world. We’re shining a light on an industry that has been very dark. There is so much life and energy in this world and YuLife has the power to help guide people to making the right health choices. Our “human-centred” approach puts people at the centre and helps people be the best version of themselves so ultimately our business is the best version of itself.

Self-reflection is an essential part of life and business. I encourage you to step back and reflect on your work, your business and your team.

Yugi the Giraffe

Yugi is our YuLife mascot. Like all giraffes they've got a big heart – in fact the biggest heart of all land animals.