5 tips from Fearne Cotton on creating joy in your workplace

The global podcaster and broadcaster shares her insights into mental health and happiness at work, as part of an exclusive YuLife interview.

Leadership & Strategy

8 minute read

5 Ways Your Clients Can Support Employee Wellbeing

Giving employees the tools and confidence to look after themselves can boost morale, improve loyalty, and reduce staff turnover, presenteeism, and absenteeism. Here, we share five ways your clients can support employee wellbeing.

Health & Wellbeing Benefits

3 minute read

How to write social media guidelines

Social media expert Ysabel Gerrard offers her advice on setting the rules for your employees.

Leadership & Strategy

5 minute read

Financial Wellbeing and the Impact on Performance in the Workplace

YuLife's latest Employee Health & Wellbeing Survey, in partnership with YouGov, examines the importance of financial wellbeing in the workplace – exploring the extent to which employees feel their employer has a responsibility to support them financially. Read the infographic here.

News & Events

1 minute read

Group Income Protection: Why Your Employees Need It

Group income protection is a great way of looking after your employees' financial, mental and physical wellbeing if they're off work sick for a prolonged time. Here's why you should include it in your employee benefits package.


4 minute read