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Join Sammy Rubin, founder and CEO of yulife, on a nice stroll around Hyde Park and the surrounding area, with the founder of Deliciously Ella and one of yulife’s wellbeing ambassadors, Ella Mills.

Around 2012, Ella got sick and after a year of not feeling any better, she decided to pursue more holistic ways to support her recovery through her diet. Ever since then, she’s been on a mission to make vegetables cool, helping her community find simple ways to include more plants in their lives.

Ella and Sammy take a long walk, starting from Ella’s Deli in Mayfair, discussing everything from her pregnancy, the importance of yoga in her life, and her journey to setting up the Deliciously Ella brand. They also talk about balance in approaches to wellbeing, how to recharge, and why Ella chose to embrace simplicity when it comes to cooking in her cookbook and on her website.

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Ella’s Book

Deliciously Ella The Plant-Based Cookbook

More About Sammy

Sammy Rubin is the founder and CEO of yulife, a start-up that provides life insurance, wellbeing and rewards in one simple app to help you live your best life. He originally built Policy Portfolio plc, the first market maker in traded endowments in the UK, and led the flotation of the company on the full London Stock Exchange. He then went on to become the founding CEO of Pruprotect (now known as VitalityLife) which was the first life insurance company in the UK to reward healthy living. Sammy holds a degree in computer science from Imperial College London. He is married with three children and is a wannabe yogi.

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More About yulife

yulife is the life insurance company that inspires life. It encourages financial, mental and physical wellbeing by rewarding people for everyday healthy behaviour.

yulife brings together experience and expertise from the worlds of insurance, app development, gaming and psychology to create long-lasting behavioural change. This helps companies create teams that are happier, healthier and more productive.

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