Using tech to enable wellbeing in uncertain times.

Coronavirus is presenting our world with some interesting issues. When, and for how long, will statutory sick pay kick? Will life insurers want to ramp up sales of Group Income Protection? How about the impact of Covid-19 on health insurance?

In a world where self-isolation is fast becoming a reality, when coming into work might be the worst thing you can do, can tech-based solutions and a holistic approach improve our mental, physical and financial wellbeing? The answer is yes, and it's particularly important in a world where the immediate impact of Coronavirus can leave employers and their people worried, trapped in limbo.

Let's explore the alternatives, the things you can do in times like these, times when traditional workplace wellbeing solutions might not do the trick.

Technology's role as a life enabler in difficult times

Employee life insurance is an excellent benefit. But at times like this people need more than practical products. They also need emotional support, reassurance, the right kind of access to medical expertise, and inspiration to stay active and well. Here's how tech can be a life enabler when times are hard.

Virtual GP and Employee Assistance Programmes

These days, when it isn't always wise to physically visit a GP surgery, it makes sense to give your employees access to qualified health and wellbeing experts. As part of its holistic approach to employee wellbeing, Yulife offers a 24/7 Virtual GP service and full Employee Assistance Programme to everyone. It means your people can ask questions, get reassurance, talk to experts and get tips, all without having to risk infection. As you can imagine Doctor on Demand services, plus prescriptions for the employee and their family, make a huge difference to people's peace of mind.

Mindfulness apps to help employees relieve stress

Mindfulness is all about staying in the moment, not fretting about the past or worrying about the future. Self-isolation can be stressful, even if it's only a precaution. Once you know how to achieve mindfulness you can accept the now, accept the moment, accept yourself exactly as you are, and enjoy the inner peace and calm that living in the now brings. It’s a great way to relieve the stress of the moment.

By syncing in with apps like Calm and Headspace, Yulife helps employees learn how to become mindful anywhere, anytime, and the app even rewards success.  

Being active out in the green stuff

Being active is good for your physical and mental health. But when the gym is out of bounds because of a virus like Covid-19, what do you do? There's no need to vegetate. Yulife inspires people to use the ‘great outdoors’ as their own personal gym, and even rewards them for doing simple things like walking, running and cycling.

Plenty of experts say that a brisk walk is just as good for you as an actual jog or run, and science reveals how the extraordinary chemicals given off by trees and other greenery – which we can't see or smell but are very good for us – have a dramatic positive impact on our wellbeing. All your people need to feel inspired, get active and get rewards is their phone. They simply tap into the app and off they go.  

Virtual leaderboards

A virtual leaderboard is a great way to inspire healthy behaviour. Because the boards are virtual, your people don’t have to be in the office to be part of the game. Everybody can track their scores, get motivation, see their progress, see what others are doing, and enjoy the competition. We know it works since an impressive 73% of YuLife members who download our app voluntarily join our health leader board.

As an employer you build a community around personal wellbeing in your workplace, using our company leaderboards. Employees can check the leaderboard through our app, via your own admin portal, or via your company TV. When employees use the app, which syncs with health and meditation apps, they earn yucoin. They can choose to accept challenges and even progress through different levels and worlds.

Caring about employees' financial worries

One of the biggest worries around Coronavirus is financial. It's the big 'What if it's me' question that gets people worrying. And that’s why offering group life insurance products is such a great thing, sending a crystal clear signal that you care about your people's financial wellbeing.

It's very hard to find peace of mind when you're concerned about money, which is why group life is such a highly-valued employee benefit. Taking out an employee benefit like group life assurance means you've made a promise – if someone gets seriously ill or the worse happens, you’ll help look after their finances.

Work social media and chat groups

Isolation isn't good for us. When we're isolated, we feel alone. When we feel alone for any length of time we tend to get lonely, and loneliness can affect our physical and emotional health. Do you have a work social network account, a place where your people can interact? If so, that's good news. It means even if an employee is self-isolated at home, maybe completely alone, they can still interact safely with colleagues.

Do more for your people, get more back

The world of work is all about give and take. The more you demonstrate that you care about your people, the more they will reward your business with their loyalty, their creativity, their inspiration and their dedication. Get in touch and together we'll help make your business even more or a two-way street.

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