Lifestyle Insurance. You Heard Us Right

Today we're announcing the world's first lifestyle insurance business. The concept is simple - you get life insurance plus amazing wellbeing tools, using game design and rewards to give you the TLC you need, and traditional life insurance lacks.

We want to help you become your best self and revolutionise life insurance at the same time. We don't only protect you, we enhance your life!

We put the 'life' back into life insurance, by motivating you to move more, chill more and take care of yourself financially. We use data from your favourite wellbeing apps to reward you for it. You can also take challenges directly through our app. It's win-win!

Yulife will launch later in the year and will be available for businesses and individuals.

Sounds exciting? We know!

Want to write about us? Contact for our press package.

Interested in being an early business user? Click here.

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