A New Approach to Health and Illness

Society is facing an overwhelming health challenge. Heart disease causes 17.5 million deaths annually, and according to the World Health Organisation 60% of these diseases are caused by our unhealthy lifestyles. That amounts to 18.4 million people a year dying from preventable diseases, one every two seconds.

So much of this is due to the way we think about health. The truth is, most people don’t think about their wellbeing until something goes wrong. Then we go to the doctor’s and get a prescription – to manage illnesses that often we didn’t have to suffer from in the first place.


In the OECD, over 50% of adults are overweight and nearly 20% are obese. That’s hundreds of millions of people struggling to run around with their kids or feeling intimidated by a flight of stairs. And those same people face a drastically increased chance of developing life limiting diseases as they get older.

Everyone who’s ever turned a TV on knows that physical inactivity, along with smoking, drinking and eating junk are leading causes of these conditions. But knowing it is not enough. If telling people the root cause was, in fact, a cure, this issue would have been dealt with decades ago.


It’s time for a new approach. Pointing at peoples’ choices and saying they are wrong doesn’t do anything but make them feel bad about themselves – shame is not a wellbeing strategy.

This is a problem that we all need to work together to solve. At yuLife, we’ve brought together experts in health, wellbeing, the psychology of behavioural change and tech, to come up with some truly new approaches. We’re not quite ready for the big reveal, but what we can tell is that we’re on to something that is going to be a complete game-changer. And focusing on a solution is a lot more fun than staring down a problem.

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