A Farewill free will writing worth £90 with yulife

We know no-one likes talking about death, but we also know taking care of those closest to you is an important part of your financial wellbeing.

According to our friends at Farewill, 4 in 10 people in the UK die without a will. But what are the implications of this? [1]

Your yulife membership includes life insurance, but it isn't the only financial wellbeing benefit we offer. You also get a free will writing from Farewill usually worth £90 [2].

We think Farewill is great because sign up takes 10-15 minutes, it is all online and their support team is available 7 days awake to help you create that all important will, and with yulife it's completely FREE!

[1] https://farewill.com/blog/lets-talk-about-d-e-a-t-h-6qNnmN7uDeAYcYucaqQA0s

[2] https://farewill.com/