Hybrid Working

What does hybrid working look like at YuLife?

Our mission as we embrace hybrid working is not to bring everyone back to the office over time, but use this opportunity to create a workplace that allows everyone to collaborate, focus, learn, socialise, and grow.

With the hybrid work model here to stay, it is increasingly important that we all feel connected, informed and with access to the tools we need to be productive from any device or location.

Tools alone will not be enough to make the new hybrid work successful. Culture will be critical to our success. We are and will continue to be deliberate in keeping workflows digital so they remain as inclusive as possible, separating office presence with the idea of what constitutes productive work and instead encouraging the office to focus on socialisation.

A hybrid work environment that is interconnected with the right foundation can become an experience that gives us what we need to feel connected, empowered, appreciated, and fairly rewarded.

Some principles

  • There is no set number of days you are required to be in the office per week. The choice is for the most part yours. There are of course times that we need to come together as a team or a whole company to collaborate and we ask that you make the effort to attend on these specific occasions.
  • ‘Work from anywhere’ - different people will work better in different places. If you are not in the office, you may want to work in a cafe or at a colleague’s house as opposed to your house. If you have the tools to do so, the world is your oyster. Don’t stay locked away indoors. The wellbeing of our staff is so important so we are encouraging you to get out and about!
  • Our core office hours are 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. However, we recognise that people have commitments and may even work better at certain times of the day and therefore we want to be as flexible as possible with working hours. As long as your work is done whilst embracing the YuLife values of seeking the win win and giving more than you take, and being present, your working lifestyle is down to you!

Expectations from you

  • Ensure you have a good internet connection wherever you are. If we are not together in person, it is important to be present.
  • We still think it is important for us to get together as a company and so we will be holding socials (2ish per quarter) which we do expect all staff to attend.
  • Attend both the Monday Morning Kick Off and All Hands on a weekly basis, as well as stand ups and team meetings you have (either in person or virtually)

Zoom or Room

  • Wherever possible plan ahead and keep everyone together in person or on Zoom. If members cannot attend in person then keep the meeting as Zoom only if possible. Staying connected in the same way for meetings means we all have the same voice, having some people in a room huddled over a zoom speaker doesn’t always bring out the most effective and meaningful conversations.

Tools to help you

  • Our working from home budget is available to use for any equipment you might need to ensure your work environment at home is suitable and comfortable. Whether you need a desk and chair or just a USB stick, we are here to provide you with anything you require.
  • Your annual leave is there for you to switch off and enjoy some R&R. Just because you are working from home, does not mean the need for you to take annual leave is any less.
  • Similarly, if you are sick, please take time off to recover. It is all too easy for you to work from your bed when remote working but your health is extremely important to us and we encourage you to take time off whenever you need to! Look after yourself <3