Life insurance for employees and staff

If you are looking for life insurance for employees, YuLife is here to help. We offer two types of policies to cover your staff and our mobile app means that employees can earn rewards from well-known brands and be motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Key features:

• No medicals required

• Cover 1 to 10,000 staff

• Employees can earn rewards and discounts through our app

Should I get life insurance for my staff?

Whilst not compulsory or a legal requirement, life insurance for employees is considered one of the best types of employee benefits that you can offer. Research shows that life insurance policies were considered one of the top 3 benefits offered by an employer as it shows a meaningful interest in the person’s life and wellbeing.

Over recent years, organisations and HR teams have acknowledged the role of employee benefits, perks and other incentives as a way to increase an individual’s loyalty to their organisation. The more valued an employee feels, the more likely they are to be retained. That is why giving your employees a meaningful insurance and wellbeing package like YuLife is important for retention.

Employee life insurance to boost motivation

Boosting motivation in the workplace is essential, allowing employees to increase their productivity. As the UK’s first lifestyle insurance company, YuLife goes beyond offering life insurance cover for employees and also offers a number of daily rewards and incentives through our mobile app.

Our app succeeds in keeping your employees holistically healthy by rewarding them for any healthy activity they do, including the number of steps they take.

Users receive ‘YuCoin’ which can be exchanged for rewards from a number of their favourite brands, including NowTV, ASOS and Amazon.

YuLife offers daily bonuses and incentives, as well as a leaderboard within your organisation to create some healthy competition and engagement.

How to get life insurance for your employees

YuLife offers a fully digital sign up – no need to print off lots of forms or sign lots of documents. Everything is processed online and available for you to see at any time.

We provide instant cover with no medicals required, allowing you to provide insurance protection for your employees immediately and with no delays.