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Group life insurance (death in service) will pay out to your employees' beneficiaries if they die while covered. Usually, it will not require underwriting or medical examinations.

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Benefits include:

  • full access to our app, wellbeing partners and rewards

  • simple, digital administration

  • designed to be tax-efficient

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protect your people's loved ones

Group life insurance provides a tax-free lump sum to an employee’s beneficiaries (usually the dependents).

Unlike individual policies, group life insurance means your employees will usually not be required to go through medical examinations or underwriting - so everyone will be covered.

You also have the choice whether your employees will be covered for a multiple of their salary (up to 20x their base salary) or for a fixed amount.

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perfect for your team

Planning for the future is not always easy.

Providing your employees with a tailored policy for their needs can show them that you care about them.

Life insurance is one of the most valued employee benefits, helping your company attract and retain talent.

built to work for you

Our group life insurance is a bespoke product made to suit your company’s needs.

  • Choice of multiple of salary (up to 20 times) or any fixed sum

  • Choice of Registered or Excepted Trust depending on business requirements

  • Guaranteed cover for all employees (up to the Automatic Acceptance Limit)

  • Fast quote through our sales team

  • Premiums are paid for by employer, with no P11D charge for employees

  • No medical underwriting forms to complete (unless benefits exceed the Automatic Acceptance Limit)

  • Hassle-free digital admin. Learn more about our HR experience.
    Learn more about our HR experience.

no hassle involved

Our group life insurance is quick to purchase and simple to use.

going the extra mile

Our group life insurance supports your people and their loved ones when they need it most.

  • Optional bereavement support through our Employee Assistance Programme

  • 100% of all claims have been paid in the last 2 years

  • Access to Doctor on Demand services, including 24/7 virtual GP and prescription for members and their families

Terms and conditions apply.

why yulife?

Our insurance products are underwritten by AIG, one of the biggest insurance companies in the world - so you know your employees are in safe hands.

yulife gives you more for your money’s worth: each one of our policies comes free with our wellbeing app, that rewards your team for caring for their health.

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