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Help about: Who do you want to cover?

You can choose to cover all your employees or a clearly defined group (with different eligibility conditions for different groups). An example being All Employees in one category and All Directors in another. The minimum number of lives is generally 3. Zero hours contract workers must be in a separate category. It's important that the specification (or eligibility) for every category is very clear and specific so we know exactly who should and should not be provided with cover.

Help about: When do you want cover to cease?

Cover can continue to State Pension Age (SPA), 70 or to a maximum of 75. It's important to do your research on what is most appropriate for your company and to be mindful of age discrimination laws.

Help about: Do you want to provide a lump sum based on a multiple of salary or a fixed lump sum?

A scheme can cover a mixture of lump sum and fixed benefits in different categories, but the same benefit must apply to all members within one category. There are maximum levels insurers will cover.

Help about: Do any employees travel overseas?

We will require details of employees travel patterns for countries the insurer considers as high risk (generally the countries which the foreign office advise against all travel to, may also include other countries)

Help about: Are any employees not on a UK contract?

Cover may not be able to be provided to employees not on a UK contract

Help about: Is there anything else which could be deemed as material to the policy which you believe we should be made aware of?

You must provide us with complete and accurate information under the Insurance Act 2015 in order to make a fair presentation of the risk. Generally speaking, this means details of any material facts the insurer should be made aware of. A material fact is any information that would affect the insurer's ability to underwrite the risk for the scheme i.e. but not limited to, a member who previously had cancer / is in remission.

Please note that we will assume the following information – if this is not correct or you need to provide us with more information this may impact on the quote we provide

  • Redundancy cover is not included
  • We have assumed there are no Hazardous occupations undertaken by employees to be covered
  • Cover is not provided as part of a flex scheme
  • In the event of a claim, salary used will be as at date of death
  • There are no participating employers
  • Cover is not voluntary
  • There are no Equity Partners to be covered
  • Premiums are to be paid annually
  • You wish to participate in the insurer’s Master Trust
  • Cover for new joiners would start immediately (as opposed to after, say, a probation period)
  • Cover would be provided for new joiners from age 16
  • It is assumed that the scheme will be open to future employees (subject to medical underwriting)
  • No early retirement cover is required
  • No Ill-Health Early retirement cover is required
  • No Post NRA cover is required
  • There are no employees on secondment