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Help about: Who do you want to cover?

You can cover all your employees or clearly defined groups.

Each can have different / multiple eligibility conditions and specifications such as sums assured e.g. All Directors £1m each, all other employees 4 x basic salary.

Minimum number of lives: 3.

If you require different eligibility, i.e., more than one category, please add details in the question at the bottom of this page (if you require further variations).

Help about: What age do you want cover to cease?

Cover can continue to State Pension Age (SPA), to a maximum of 70. It's important to do your research on what is most appropriate for your company and to be mindful of discrimination laws.

Help about: Do you require limited payment terms?

Once in payment, claims payments can continue either for a set period of months, or until the claimant reaches the age at which cover ceases.

Help about: What basic benefit is required?

Options available - either a fixed amount or a percentage of the member’s gross pay. Maximum 80% of salary including pension contributions (maximum of 50% for Equity Partners). Other options are available such as including/excluding ESA (Employee Support Allowance). Please ask if you need further options.

Help about: What salary definition is to be used?

This is the salary you wish to be used to calculate the benefits for your employees

Help about: What deferred period is required?

The period of time after which a valid claim would be payable i.e. no payments would be made between the date first absent and the end of the deferred period. The deferred period may be 8, 13, 26, 28, 41 or 52 weeks.

Help about: What definition of incapacity do you require?

The definition of incapacity the insurer applies to validate a claim. There are variations of incapacity, an example being - 'Own/Standard Occupation' - someone would be assessed if they are unable to work due to illness and prevents them doing their own occupation. Other options are available e.g. the claimant to not be able to perform any job. Please ask for more details if needed.

Help about: Are all employees on a UK contract?

Cover is only normally granted for employees on a UK contract (does not include secondment). If this is not the case please speak to us further

Help about: Are you aware of any material facts that should be declared on your application?

You must provide us with complete and accurate information under the Insurance Act 2015 in order to make a fair presentation of the risk. Generally speaking, this means details of any material facts the insurer should be made aware of. A material fact is any information that would affect the insurer's ability to underwrite the risk for the scheme i.e. but not limited to, a member who previously had cancer / is in remission. Please speak to us if this may apply

If you have someone who has been absent from work for over a week, please complete details on the membership data spreadsheet which includes the date they first went off sick, the reason for the absence, and any other pertinent info (such as return to work plans).

Please note that we will assume the following information – if this is not correct or you need to provide us with more information this may impact on the quote we provide.

  • Cover is not provided as part of a flex scheme 
  • No Equity Partners or non-executives to be covered 
  • Cover is not voluntary 
  • Annual Premiums
  • Cover for new joiners would start immediately (as opposed to after, say, a probation period) 
  • Cover would be provided for new joiners from age 16 
  • The scheme will remain open to all future employees until the insurer is advised to the contrary 
  • Nil escalation to be assumed
  • No hazardous occupations undertaken by employees to be covered 
  • No employees on secondment 
  • No additional lump sum payment at the end of a claim period is included 
  • There are no participating employers
  • You do not require pension contributions, national insurance contributions or employer contributions covered

You can view supporting information on these assumptions here

Help about: Are the above assumptions correct?

Please only answer the question or questions related to the above assumptions which are incorrect

Help about: Do you require further variations on the above quote?

Please use this for any additional categories or variations in quotes

e.g. All Directors 4 x salary, all other employees 3 x salary or Please quote for 3 x and 4 x salary