YuLife supports fast-paced FYXER through COVID-19

We heard from HR Manager Melanie Taylor about why she partnered with YuLife, and how it has supported employee wellbeing and community spirit during the pandemic.

Yugi the Giraffe - 24 June 2021

Results (so far)

  • 77% have downloaded the app.
  • 5,032 average steps per day per FYXER employee (up 32% from last year!)
  • Long walk is the most popular challenge, followed by brisk walk.
  • Lunchtime is the most popular time to do challenges.
  • Amazon is the most popular choice for spending YuCoin, followed by ASOS.

FYXER is a leading virtual executive assistant service that helps busy executives increase productivity. They manage diverse client needs, combining great people and technology to give business leaders time to focus on what matters. As such, FYXER is a fast-paced place to work and no two days are the same.

We heard from HR Manager Melanie Taylor about why she partnered with YuLife, and how it has supported employee wellbeing and community spirit.

Mental health

In trying times, FYXER saw an opportunity to supercharge their wellbeing and protection strategy, recognising that prioritising employee wellness is now more important than ever.

“Due to the pandemic and the number of people working from home, the boundary between work and personal life has blurred.  Many have felt overwhelmed with grief, illness, homeschooling, their own and loved ones mental health and the economic global uncertainty.” - Melanie Taylor, HR Manager at FYXER

YuLife provides the team with life insurance, which gives them peace of mind. But we don’t stop there. Employees also have access to Smart Health which delivers round-the-clock and global coverage in the form of a 24/7 virtual GP, who can be consulted from anywhere in the world.

The gamified YuLife app rewards and encourages healthy habits like walking, meditation and HIIT. These activities have been proven to help build resilience and cope with raised stress levels.

In addition, FYXER has access to multiple support services that can support wellness. The YuLife package includes YuMatter, an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) which can raise poor wellbeing by assisting with personal or work-related problems that may impact on job performance, physical or mental health.

“We love that the team gets rewarded for activities that benefit their physical and emotional wellbeing... I’ve personally benefited from a counselling session and I’m looking forward to booking in some career coaching sessions over the coming weeks too.”

Company culture

The gamified app has even brought the team closer together during a time when many have felt isolated.

YuLife app features such as the leaderboard and head-to-head step duels provide a talking point and stimulate friendly competition.

No one wants to see their name slip down the leaderboard, but everyone’s a winner as the team increases movement, proven to make us healthier, reduce stress and even make us more creative.

FYXER have also been inspired by YuLife events, sparking a FYXER yoga catch-up movement which serves the dual purpose of raising wellness and enhancing company culture.

“During the first lockdown, YuLife hosted some yoga sessions.  When these finished, it inspired the FYXER team to host their own drop-in yoga session which has turned out to be more of a catch up/check in session. This contributes to the FYXER community spirit.”


All of this led to YuLife receiving another wholehearted recommendation for putting the ‘life’ into life insurance:

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend YuLife.  Life insurance is not always something that employees value, but YuLife has added on other benefits and the gamified app, which is a great way of promoting wellbeing to the team.  Life insurance becomes an added bonus!”

During lockdown 37% of YuLife users were practising meditation.

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