Bringing Employee Benefits to the Forefront with YuLife and Fladgate

Fladgate, a leading City law firm, speaks about how YuLife has helped them create a culture of wellbeing and got their employees motivated.

Yugi the Giraffe - 24 October 2019

As a growing, modern company, you want to make sure your employees aren’t just getting the basics: they’re getting what makes them happy. That’s why Fladgate, a leading City law firm, put a lot of effort into their wellbeing programme, that focuses on physical, mental, financial and social wellbeing.

“The wellbeing of our people is really important to us, so we wanted to look at the next stage to take our programme forward,” says Clare Jones, Head of HR at Fladgate. “We have a friendly and collegiate culture, and the entrepreneurial spirit and approach are at the core of everything we do. So YuLife worked really well with what we were trying to do”.

With around 300 partners and employees and a positive growth trajectory, Fladgate saw the importance and value of having a balanced wellbeing programme. “From a firm perspective, we found that promoting wellbeing helps to engage our people,” Clare explains. “People are eager to get involved with our wellbeing initiatives and are generally engaged with and motivated by them, which has been a great benefit to us.

“Happier and healthier employees make for a better and stronger business. Employers are stepping in and doing more to support their staff’s wellbeing, this is becoming the norm.”

Engagement first

Fladgate started working with YuLife in June 2019, and have seen great engagement rate across partners and employees with the app. “It’s really interesting to see some people have started becoming more active. For example, they would take a walk around the park rather than sitting in the office,” Clare laughs. “It’s something we weren’t expecting to happen so soon, but people are really keen to get their YuCoin.

It’s been interesting that people have been using it outside of work as well. I’m hearing stories of parents taking their children on walking exercises, it’s got a wider grip.”

YuLife prides itself on making sure every employee is excited to use the app, so we always host onboarding sessions with our clients. “We had a fantastic launch event for YuLife,” Clare remembers. “They brought smoothie bikes and hosted mini mindfulness sessions, and having that on-site was a really great way to get people involved and inspired by it.”

Fladgate invest a lot in their charity events, and their latest one coincided perfectly with YuLife. “As a firm, one of our charity events this year was Tour de Fladgate where we hired in static bikes and rowing machines, and our four departments all competed against each other. A bit of healthy competition seems to work well at Fladgate!” Clare explains. “They all competed against each other to try and race as far a distance across Europe as they could, and to raise as much money as they could during that time. Having just launched YuLife, it tied in very nicely and really helped to drive participation across the firm, and we were able to give people extra points and YuCoin.”

Competition in mind

Fladgate wanted to direct the sense of competition towards something good, be it charity or employee wellbeing. The YuLife leaderboard has really helped to encourage participation across the firm and Fladgate employees have found that they are inspired to walk more, creating sustainable change in their lifestyles.

“I’ve really enjoyed the app, it encourages me to get out,” says Luke Morris, Corporate Partner at Fladgate. “We’ve got our internal competition in the firm and it’s exciting. I’m competitive, so it’s encouraged me to walk more, get up the leaderboard, and I have now started to walk to work once a week, which is about 2 and a half hours of walking!”.

Physical health is not the only aspect of wellbeing that YuLife tries to help with, and other employees have found that the app supported them on their mental health journey, too. “YuLife has encouraged me to consider other aspects of health, such as mental wellbeing,” Yasmin Daswani, Trainee Solicitor at Fladgate, told us. “I’ve started meditating daily thanks to the app.”

Fladgate have obviously care a lot about the wellbeing of their employees, and when asked why, Clare doesn’t hesitate to share her thoughts. “I believe that wellbeing is really important for all businesses,” she explains. “We all work hard. Work has changed over the years and can be very demanding at times. It’s important that we all do take time to really think about our health and wellbeing rather than rush from one thing to the other. I think that, as employers, we have a duty of care to help support everyone with this.

YuLife gives people something really interactive and fun that helps with their overall health and wellbeing, and I think that can only be a benefit to the business.”

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