YuLife inspires healthy performance among employees at Vodafone franchise stores

Sol Zygadlo, Vodafone partner agent and Director at 105 Comms, shares how partnering with YuLife has enabled him to take care of his team’s wellbeing and encourage them to live healthier lives.

Yugi the Giraffe - 15 July 2021

Results (so far)

  • 100% of the team have downloaded the app!
  • 100% of users are incorporating meditation into their lives.
  • 6,116 average steps per day per Vodafone store employee (up 19% from last quarter!)
  • Meditation is the most popular challenge, which peaks early in the morning before work.

Vodafone Dumfries loved YuLife’s ‘totally different approach to basic life cover.’ As part of their Group Life Insurance protection, their entire team has access to a gamified app and an ecosystem of wellbeing benefits that empower colleagues to live their happiest and healthiest lives every day.

We heard from Vodafone partner agent and Director, Sol Zygadlo, about why he partnered with YuLife to upgrade his employee wellbeing and protection strategy, recognising the need to prioritise the wellness of his people now more than ever.

He reflects on how the YuLife app supported his team during the pandemic, injecting positivity and bringing colleagues closer together during a time when many felt isolated. “There is a greater awareness around wellbeing today and I feel mental health can suffer during these lockdown periods. It’s part of my responsibility to help my employees wherever I can.”

“There is a definite conscious increase in physical exercise from the whole team that has a positive impact on mindset.”

Sol recognises that businesses succeed when employees are happy and thriving, firmly believing that a “Healthy team equals healthy performance.” He was confident he would see a good return on his investment.

He was delighted to witness his team really embracing the app from the get-go and being more active in their daily lives as a result. “I haven’t had a single employee not engage with it. There is a definite conscious increase in physical exercise from the whole team that in turn has a positive impact on mindset and general health. All of the team are walking to work to gain YuCoin!”

Sol loves the variety of life-enhancing advantages YuLife brings to his team, benefiting them “in more ways than one.” From driving an increase in physical activity and healthy behaviour, to the daily fantastic rewards his colleagues can enjoy, all whilst having the comfort of protection should the unfortunate happen: “It really is a win-win sit-yu-ation!”  

YuLife is a tech-driven insurance company on a mission to inspire life and turn financial products into a force for good. By harnessing the power of gamification and the latest behavioural science, YuLife insurance rewards healthy living and puts everyday wellness within reach of everyone.

Find out more about how YuLife can help your business:  yulife.com | hello@yulife.com

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