David’s Story: Walking my Way to Better Health with YuLife

We spoke to David Gaen, the self-appointed 'trailblazer' of YuLife at Axway, about why he loves the app. He shares how engaging with YuLife daily enabled him to adopt some amazing habits and transform his health for the better.

Yugi the Giraffe - 28 August 2021

At YuLife, we like to encourage movement. We believe that people don’t have to be professional athletes or health-fanatics to care for their wellbeing, and that simple steps can help you achieve big gains. That’s why we focus our app on walking - an accessible activity that anyone can do.

Although, sometimes, our app can help people achieve some more ambitious goals. This was the case for David Gaen, Principle PreSales Consultant at Axway, who, by walking 15,000 steps a day with the YuLife app, managed to totally transform his health. And what’s more, David’s daily walks have helped him to prioritise his wellbeing and maintain a better work-life balance!

Axway is a multinational software vendor, enhancing heritage IT infrastructure to help more than 11,000 customers worldwide build on what they already have to digitally transform, add new business capabilities, and drive growth.

Reflecting on his 4 years at Axway, David shared: “Our company is very good at looking after people.” As soon as the COVID hit, the leadership team recognised that employee wellness was a priority. “Everyone was sent home straight away and told to work remotely”.

At the start of the pandemic, David was rarely leaving the house. “There were days during COVID times where I would wake up and commute to the study via the kitchen, and at the end of the day, I would commute back to my bedroom via the lounge. I didn’t see the outside world.”

Axway wanted to go above and beyond when supporting their employees during the pandemic. So, in 2021, they partnered with YuLife to supercharge their wellbeing and protection strategy - and once they launched the app, it didn’t take long for David’s habits to change.

“It’s the little nudges like completing streaks moving through levels that really motivate you.”

As an “Apple person”, owning both an Apple Watch and iPhone, David appreciated how seamlessly the YuLife app interacts with the Apple ecosystem. “There was nothing complicated about setting it up and using it. It just all works together.”

David also loves the focus on steps within the app: “I’m never going to be a gym bunny, but walking is something anybody can do.” He found that the walking challenges and steps leaderboard gave him the structure and motivation he needed to get away from the desk during the working week. “It’s the little nudges like completing streaks moving through levels that really motivate you.”

David is fortunate enough to live close to a nature reserve and enjoys taking the half-hour walk there and back in every morning, lunchtime, and after work. “It’s so nice to get out early, see the sun come up and hear the birds twittering and then see the sun go down again at the end of the day. I absolutely love it.”

Since becoming a YuLifer, David has completed 458 challenges and is averaging a daily step count of around 15,000 steps. “I have gone through 2 pairs of walking boots since the start of lockdown because I’m walking so much!” - and it’s the adoption of these daily habits that enabled David to turn his health around for the better.

During lockdown, David’s routine blood test showed that his blood sugar spiked significantly, putting him in the type 2 diabetic range. While this is something that can be reversed with diet and exercise, it is certainly no easy feat.

Yet, by altering his diet and using YuLife to push him to be more active, David was able to bring his blood sugar level back down to the normal range within the space of just 12 weeks. “The diabetic nurse was amazed at the turnaround. All I’ve been doing for exercise is using YuLife and focusing on walking. Walking is all you need!”

“I have gone through 2 pairs of walking boots since the start of lockdown because I’m walking so much!”

The app has not only enabled David to live a healthier, happier life, but he’s also racked up lots of YuCoin, YuLife’s currency of wellbeing, along the way - which he’s redeemed for some useful rewards. “I love the rewards you get for using the app. It’s so nice that when you put it all together you can treat yourself to something... like another pair of walking boots!”

As the self-appointed ‘trailblazer’ of YuLife within Axway, David is constantly trying out new features and getting to grips with the app so he can share them with his team. “People often ask me questions about how I use the app and what I’ve achieved. It’s been fun giving out advice that benefits the health of my colleagues.”

“YuLife is a great little app that I encourage everyone really use and embrace. It has had a real positive impact on my life and on the whole team at Axway.”

YuLife is a tech-driven insurance company on a mission to inspire life and turn financial products into a force for good. By harnessing the power of gamification and the latest behavioural science, YuLife rewards healthy living and puts everyday wellness within reach of everyone.

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