Two Personal Trainers for Any Budget: Pinterest and Instagram

We live in the digital age, and that comes with perks.

Yugi the Giraffe - 7 September 2018

Many people want to get in shape but aren't sure where to start. We assume that personal training is very expensive, and that's right - it mostly is.

But, good news - we live in the digital age, and that comes with perks. There's so much information online, but it's not just that - you can actually build your own workout routines using social media alone!


Pinterest and Instagram are two great places to start. They have so many fitness instructors with brilliant plans you can look through to get inspired.

If you need some help to find your inspiration, we've gathered our favourite posts, so you can bookmark this page and go on it whenever you need to spice things up.

Core and Abs

You can't be Ryan Gosling... but you can have his abs.

  1. No Equipment Abs
  2. Treadmill Abs
  3. 7 Minute Abs
  4. Plank Variations
  5. Lose The Belly


It's about to be t-shirt season year-round.

  1. Ultimate Dumbell
  2. Arm Circuit
  3. Targeting Arm Fat
  4. Post-Workout Foam Rolling
  5. 21 Day Challenge


Friends don't let friends skip leg day.

  1. Leg Circuit
  2. At-Home Leg Day
  3. Gym Legs and Glutes
  4. Calves
  5. Leg Toning


Only run if you're being chased? Here's 5 ways to make a habit out of everyone's least favourite way of getting around.

  1. Beginner to 5K
  2. Couch to Half
  3. Triathalon Training
  4. 8 Week 5k Plan
  5. Couch to 10k


Join the flexible masses,reduce your risk of injury, and wake up feeling refreshed... your spine will thank you.

  1. 10 Beginner Poses
  2. Easy Daily Practice
  3. Quick Flow
  4. Reduce Back Pain
  5. Yoga for Weightloss

Beginner workout plans

Intimidated by the idea of exercise? Start small, and remember everyone starts somewhere.

  1. 4 Week Starter Pack
  2. Fully Body Plan
  3. 7 Movements for Anyone
  4. 2 Weeks to Get in Shape
  5. 10 Weeks At-Home

Weight loss

We think you're perfect just the way you are. But if you want to reduce your risk of heart disease and have more energy, here are some ways to stop carrying that extra weight around.

  1. Treadmill Blast
  2. Workout Laying Down
  3. 10 Minute Circuit
  4. Cardio Furnace
  5. Evening Routine
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