The Symphony of Success - The Parallels Between a Band and a Successful Startup

YuLife CEO and Co-Founder Sammy Rubin shares how a successful startup can take inspiration from bands in order to find their groove.

Sammy Rubin - 18 November 2020

Creating music and business

I often think back on all of the times I was fortunate enough to attend live music events. It is really wonderful to experience the feeling of indescribable joy that comes from watching the band create something magical together. From this, I began thinking about the experience of the journey that every startup goes on, and I could see parallels between being in a band and being in a startup.

How do you create a successful band?

  1. Great bands need great musicians -  In order to create great music, a band often needs (at least) one member on every instrument. Different types of talented people need to work together to make something great.
  2. Bands have lyrics that resonate - A strong message in the music inspires the fans to think differently, to learn from their experiences and to connect to a story.
  3. Bands build experience on tour - Bands realise the wants and needs of their audience and their fans when they go on tour. They also gain real-life experience.
  4. Successful bands have the right backing - Bands that achieve fame and success are often signed to the right label; A label that suits their style and is able to give them the right exposure

I believe these concepts can also be applied to every startup.

How does this apply to startups?

  1. Assemble your team and learn to work in harmony - The best startups need a team with different strengths that work together to fulfil the different needs of a business.  Every startup needs a mission and a message; what need do they seek to fill in their customers? Why should customers choose them? Every company also needs to choose its own “genre” to excel in, whether that’s in retail, technology, or the insurance space.
  1. Create the purpose and the story you believe in - At YuLife, the song we want to convey is that of inspiring life, of helping our customers and end-users to “love being yu.” We're expressing our values. We're expressing who we are: our DNA. With a clear vision and mission of the type of music we want to create, we can give our musicians the freedom to build something great.
  1. Build an experience and bring your customers on “tour” -  There’s no point making great music if no one is going to hear it! Startups also need to go “on tour”  to increase brand visibility - it's one thing to create a great product, but it’s another to show the world what’s great about your company through sales, through marketing, through your customer team.
  2. Mature and grow with the right backing - Growing from one musician to a band working in harmony takes a lot of hard work and faith in yourself. The same goes for creating a successful business from the ground up. Every startup needs the right backing to succeed so, if you can grow and work hard enough to capture the attention of great investors, the company can reach great heights.

In an old industry where there isn't much “music” being made, YuLife has had to create our own song. We need to make sure that we are harmonising and creating great music through the bringing together of everyone's strengths so we can build a world we want to live in. And that is our song - one that is going to live on.

Sammy Rubin

Sammy Rubin is the Founder & CEO of YuLife, a life insurance company that strives to offer effective life cover and improve the health and overall wellbeing of its users.