The Four Pillar Plan of Workplace Wellbeing: Event with Dr Chatterjee

We wanted to share some insight from yulife's workplace wellbeing event with Dr Chatterjee that took place this June.

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On the 5th of June, we’ve hosted a wellbeing event with bestselling author and yulife’s Chief Wellbeing Officer, Dr Rangan Chatterjee.

The event was centred around Dr Chatterjee’s Four Pillar Plan of Wellbeing, that promotes balance between four areas of life - relax, eat, move and sleep - as a sustainable way of fighting chronic illness and improving health. The Plan is the wellbeing framework at the heart of the yulife app, and both Dr Chatterjee and yulife are passionate about helping companies bring this framework into the workplace, which was the focal point of this event.

“The workplace is the ideal place to inspire wellbeing because employees spend a significant proportion of their time at work. Arguably, more time is spent at work than you spend with your partner, with your kids, with your friends,” Dr Chatterjee explained. “It’s very hard to make behaviour change as an individual. A couple of years ago, I gave a talk at my publisher’s, and their offices are on the Strand, on the 8th floor. At the end of the talk, I gave them a challenge: try to take the stairs at least once a day and see how long you can get it going for.”

“We tracked it,” he continued. “The day after, 90% were taking the stairs at least once a day. But interestingly enough, 4 months later, 84% of them were still doing it. So why did that happen? It’s because it’s using the power of the work community. If you’re feeling tired one day, and you can’t be bothered and you’re standing at the lift, but Lucy from the other office says ‘come on, let’s take the stairs’, it encourages that behaviour, instead of you having to self-motivate each time.”

The event took place at LocalGlobe offices in Central London, with a fireside chat between Dr Chatterjee and yulife’s founder and CEO, Sammy Rubin. Almost 90 professionals attended, representing a little over 70 companies who want to implement wellbeing into their businesses in a more holistic way.

Sammy Rubin and Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Although technology has a bad reputation, yulife wants to flip that around and help employees through their app. “I think this app, which people can use together in a company, will really utilise a lot of those basic pillars of behaviour change that are built into this,” Dr Chatterjee shared. “It also makes it easy to track, if you meditated on Calm, it feeds directly in and you get a reward for it. So if you can’t be bothered to meditate for your own health, you think ‘you know what, I’m going to get an Amazon voucher for this’, and then when you do it for long enough it will start becoming a habit. But you need to do it for long enough, little by little, for it to embed.”

Employers can help their employees create a culture of wellbeing in many ways. “This old style of compartmentalising life and work just doesn’t work anymore. We need to integrate wellbeing into our day,” Sammy said. “At yulife, we often have walking meetings, and the meetings are even more productive, we engage in a more profound way, and we also earn some yucoin.”

The question of work culture has featured a lot during the event. yulife’s recent customers were sharing their experience of how the yulife app has made their employees more aware of their wellbeing, and actually changed their habits.

Smoothie bikes!

“We launched yulife 2 weeks ago,” Debbie, HR Manager at Mintel, told the audience. “yulife came to our offices and we had a fantastic launch with smoothie bikes and mindfulness sessions, but I was really apprehensive, is it going to be a bit of a fad, are people going to like it?”

“But the buzz that it has generated is phenomenal, to the point that even our MD says all she ever hears are people talking about how many steps have you done? What’s your count like? I’m beating you!” she laughed. “It’s great. I actually pass people by on the stairs, nobody is taking the lift anymore.”

We’re very grateful for everyone who’s attended and we hope you’ve had a great time if you were one of the lucky bunch. If you didn’t get the chance to come, you’ll be happy to know that the full event was streamed live on Facebook, and you can watch it here. To view photos from the event, click here.

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