The Data Behind Workplace Wellbeing

In this event, we tried to explore how data can explain, analyse and predict the best ways to introduce wellbeing into the workplace.

Yugi the Giraffe - 11 October 2019

On Thursday the 3rd of October, around 60 business professionals gathered at the Local Globe offices in London to discuss how data can explain, analyse and predict best practices for workplace wellbeing.

The event included a talk and Q&A with Matthew Doltis, Head of Data at YuLife, and Ash Dey, Founder of OpenMind Wellbeing, as well as a Deliciously Ella breakfast and some networking time.

The event started with a short 5-minute mindfulness session with OpenMind’s Co-Founder, Gabi Macra, to put everyone in the right mood. Once everyone was as relaxed as can be, Ash and Matt delved right into the data the two companies collected, the trends they highlighted, and how other businesses can benefit from using this knowledge.

Nowadays, everybody knows that office culture and employee wellbeing are important for efficiency, retention and productivity. But employee wellbeing is a relatively new field, which means it can be much harder for businesses to implement it properly. The talk focused on a few areas where data can be used to remedy this, particularly when it comes to engaging employees, building communities, and sustaining improvement.

Matt Doltis and Ash Dey speaking at the event

OpenMind Wellbeing is an online platform for that connects organisations with a large pool of wellbeing services and professionals, administers the bookings, and reports back with insightful data. They get access to the requirements and desires of a variety of businesses with different goals, and they've shared some of their analysis with the audience.

“It’s quite hard to take these high-level stats and see how it relates to employees on the ground,” Ash explained. “When we talk to workplaces, we see no workplace is the same. There’s no one-size-fits-all. Creating safe spaces for employees to try new things, listening to them on a regular basis and using these to continually evolving are key to building something that’s relevant and sustainable.”

YuLife is the life insurance company that inspires life by rewarding members for healthy activities, such as walking and meditating. We do this through an app that collects data from our members’ phones about their health habits, which means Matt gets access to certain trends and patterns that employees form by using the app.

“We can see large clusters of walking challenges when people are on their way to work, at lunchtime, and on the way home,” Matt said. “We’ve set up push notifications, scheduled live session with people, and sent out more and more information about the mindfulness side of things, and we’ve seen it’s started creating actual behavioural change.

“Most people weren’t really doing mindfulness before, but through our app and the push notifications, now there are many who started practising mindfulness regularly. What’s really nice to see is that it doesn't necessarily have those clear patterns like walking, we’re actually seeing that mindfulness integrates into people’s lives throughout the day.”

When it comes to building community, Matt showed that push notifications can encourage people to meditate together or go on a walking meeting with their colleagues. Ash spoke about the benefit of bringing gym classes into the office as a community building tool, as well as improving engagement with services.

Crowd at the event

“Engagement with gym memberships peaks at the start, and then goes down and stays at a lower level,” Ash said. “They attract a certain type of people. Doing exercise at the workplace, on the other hand, creates that safe space. It creates an opportunity for people to go and try something with the people they know at their own place. That’s why we can see that the rate of people who were yet to be convinced about the positive effects of yoga dropped from 10% to 6% after a few classes, and the rate of people who felt the benefits increased from 50% to 61%!”

To sum up, Ash suggested the audience asked themselves three questions:

  1. Are people using and engaging with your wellbeing offering?
  2. Does your wellbeing offering have a positive impact on your employees’ wellbeing?
  3. Is your wellbeing offering sustainable for your budget in the long-term?

We believe that YuLife ticks all these boxes. Our bespoke product is built for the needs of your company, so as well as life insurance for your team, you can also positively impact your employees’ wellbeing. By simply walking and meditating, your people earn yucoin, the wellbeing currency, which can then be exchanged for Avios air miles and gift cards from brands like ASOS, Amazon and so many more.

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