Supporting Employees with Value-Driven Insurance through YuLife and JourneyHR

We spoke to JourneyHR's Founding Partner, Aliya Vigor-Robertson, about finding a life insurance provider that met their values, and the impact the YuLife offering has had on the team's wellbeing.

Yugi the Giraffe - 28 January 2021

Results so far

  • 100% app downloads in the JourneyHR team
  • 87% were still using the app after a year
  • The team average 6,900 steps a day, over the NHS documented average of 3500 steps
  • Average mindfulness minutes completed with the app is 210 per week, over the national average of 126 minutes
  • Most meditation happens in the evening
  • Walking challenges being taken each side of the working day, at around 8am and 6pm

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Building a great place to work - both with clients and within the company

JourneyHR was founded in 2010 with the ambition of helping founders in the creative industry to build a better place to work. At their core, JourneyHR’s main principles focus on building a connection, making a difference, and creating value. When looking for life insurance for their employees, the team wanted a provider whose mission mirrored these values.

That’s why, in 2019, JourneyHR decided to partner with YuLife to provide their team with a policy that not only protects the lives of their employees but positively impacts their lives and reinforces both physical and mental wellbeing. We spoke to Aliya Vigor-Robertson, JourneyHR’s Founding Partner, to discuss how YuLife is living up to their values and supporting their employees.

Making a difference

To JourneyHR, building a positive working culture is so important. “We want to treat our people well and make sure they have the best experience with us,” Aliya shared. “Everybody in our team has a huge opportunity to grow, develop, and feel supported along the way.”  

“The way that YuLife packages life insurance makes it really engaging from a team perspective - it's a great wellbeing benefit offering with an insurance policy sitting behind it.”

As insurance is a baseline benefit for a lot of businesses, Aliya wanted to ensure they went above and beyond in meeting employee expectations: “Insurance itself can be considered a bit of a tick box exercise for a lot of employers and it's a hidden benefit that people don't really appreciate until something goes wrong.

“This is why having something that encourages the team to have fun with each other and to do something that promotes physical and mental wellbeing was why we chose YuLife. ”

Building connections

JourneyHR has utilised the YuLife app as a way to connect to the team. “I love the gamification element of YuLife’s wellbeing app, especially the leaderboard, where we have visibility on each other’s steps. Every staff member who passes their probationary period gets a pedometer because keeping people well, both mentally and physically, is really important” says Aliya.

“Insurance itself can be considered a bit of a tick box exercise for a lot of employers that people don't really appreciate until something goes wrong. YuLife went above this by encouraging our team to be healthy together.”

“The leaderboard has been really lovely for us to participate in as a team. During the first couple of months of lockdown, we committed to doing a group step challenge that was easily measurable through YuLife. I think it's really challenged people to think about how much they're walking, how much they're moving and when. We talk about it a lot when we catch up on a Monday and use it as a way to lift each other up!”

The leaderboard has also been a way for Aliya and the JourneyHR team to create a positive culture around taking small steps to be healthy, get more active and look after their wellbeing. “The transparency gives me an opener for a conversation that addresses whether team members are taking breaks and getting out.

“While we don't get to see each other face to face, checking in with our team and sharing we care is even more important than ever because we need them all to stay well during tough times.”

Creating value

In the industry that JourneyHR works in, the average age is between 25 to 27 years old, so life insurance isn't at the top of everybody's list. “People often go for private medical or dental insurance. The way that YuLife packages life insurance really makes it really engaging from a team perspective, it's a benefits offering that has an insurance policy sitting behind it. I think that's what stands YuLife out from other just traditional life insurance policies, and engages younger team members.”

The rewards element of the app is also a big selling point for JourneyHR. “I think our team have really valued the discount for the meditation app, Calm. Being able to do mindfulness challenges and get points for it meant the team are able to look after their mental wellbeing as well as the physical and be rewarded for it.

“I think the engagement speaks for itself in terms of the interaction. People use the YuLife app on a daily basis, and the fact that our leaderboard shows we’re all taking above the average national steps proves it works in helping us to do more for our wellbeing. People are delighted that they've got life insurance behind it. They're both really important benefits.”

About JourneyHR

JourneyHR is a team of HR Consultants and People & Culture specialists for the creative industry. JourneyHR was created to support scaling founder owned businesses who recognised the value and importance in creating strong people and culture foundations.

Our purpose is simple: we create great places to work. We are experts at what we do and recognise the importance of adding value from day one. We do this by helping our client partners to recruit, develop, retain and engage the best talent to build thriving businesses.

About YuLife

YuLife is a tech-driven insurance company on a mission to inspire life and turn financial products into a force for good. By harnessing the power of gamification and the latest behavioural science, YuLife insurance rewards healthy living and puts everyday wellness within reach of everyone. Founded in 2016, YuLife is headquartered in London and backed by serial investors and VCs including Creandum, MMC Ventures, Notion Capital, LocalGlobe and Anthemis Exponential Ventures.

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