Increasing Employee Engagement with YuLife and Signal AI

Ciara and Taku, members of Signal AI’s people team, shared with us how choosing YuLife has impacted their employee wellbeing strategy.

Yugi the Giraffe - 16 November 2020

Key stats:

  • With 153 employees globally, YuLife is offered to 119 employees in London
  • 64% have downloaded YuLife
  • 92 minutes average mindfulness session per week per person
  • Mindfulness challenges are popular throughout the day
  • 7,463 number of steps walk a day on average per person
  • The most popular walking challenge is long walks which peak in the evening, just after work
  • Employees had saved up enough YuCoin to buy £600 worth of Amazon vouchers within a 90-day period

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Delivering on a comprehensive wellbeing strategy

Signal AI is an AI-powered B2B tech business with a vision to transform decision making using augmented intelligence. By ingesting millions of pieces of information a day from a myriad of content sources, Signal AI delivers data and information to companies in real-time that helps to inform and shape business strategies.

On Signal AI’s website, they state that their “people are 100% real and at the heart of our business. Our strength as a team comes from our differences as individuals and we’ve created a culture that encourages our teams to do the very same.”

Signal AI was looking for a comprehensive benefits package that would deliver engagement. That’s why, in 2020, Signal AI decided to partner with YuLife. Ciara and Taku, members of Signal AI’s people team, shared with us how choosing YuLife has impacted their employee wellbeing strategy.

Making Group Life Insurance about Life

Signal AI didn’t previously have a group life insurance policy for employees in place before selecting YuLife as their provider. “The cost was a factor, but we found that YuLife made a sad reality quite fun,” said Ciara. “YuLife found a way to help us engage with life insurance, whereas it’s usually considered a benefit you have ‘in the background’ when you get it from the big providers.”

Providing extra benefits, such as the wellbeing app and Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), was the main reason Signal AI decided to partner with YuLife: “It seemed like a no brainer when you get so much more rolled in. We enjoy earning YuCoin and vouchers for being active” Taku shared.

“With regular communication from YuLife and insights into the wellbeing of our employees, we can really see the difference our wellbeing strategy is making.”

Ciara found that Farewill was a great extra financial benefit that gave her the next push to do something important. “I personally have been putting off creating a will for my entire life. So, YuLife finally encouraged me to take the plunge with the free will reward via the app and the experience was brilliant. It's one of those horrible tasks that you never want to do but Farewell takes the sting out of it.”

Digital-first benefits for a team that’s working remotely

As part of their partnership with YuLife, the Signal AI team has access to YuMatter - YuLife’s Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) - in order to provide extra support if and when they need it. This covers more than just mental health resources; employees have access to legal advice, as well as life coaching and guidance on career development.

In a time where digital resources are more important than ever to the wellbeing of employees, the Signal AI team make use of 24/7 access to a virtual GP with Smart Health.

Encouraging Healthy Habits with the App

Yulife’s health and wellbeing programme provided the essential Group Life Insurance along with a gamified wellbeing app that rewarded employees for living their best lives

“A lot of our employees have and continue to use their YuCoin and YuLife membership to get considerable rewards. They've benefited massively from this.”

Every day. By participating in various challenges (eg. brisk walks, mindfulness), individuals earn ‘Yucoin’ and exchange these into rewards such as air miles or vouchers from brands such as Amazon or ASOS. Bonus challenges incentivised more healthy behaviour with bonus YuCoin.

According to Taku, meditation apps Calm and Headspace have been a welcome addition for some of the Signal AI team. “I had Calm before we purchased YuLife, but a few people on the team have since been inspired to download a meditation app in order to earn YuCoin.” The Signal Team are meditating on average for 92 minutes per week per employee, showing they are actively prioritising their wellbeing and de-stressing whilst working from home.

Although people are working from home a lot more, Ciara and Taku still feel that the team are getting more active with YuLife. “The leaderboard on the app encourages a bit of healthy competition within the company. In the office, we would hear people mention they were going on walks and completing challenges on their lunch breaks. We've certainly got some people who are smashing it right now - they must be training for marathons!”

About Signal AI

Signal AI is one of the UK’s fastest-growing artificial intelligence companies creating pioneering AI solutions to enable better decision making, and in September 2020 was named 23 in the Sage Tech Track 100, as well as the second-fastest-growing UK AI company. It believes AI is one of the most exciting and significant technological developments of our time. Signal AI’s platform enables organisations to track defined challenges in real-time; from the competitive landscape and changes to regulation to monitoring reputation or supply chain. By gathering the relevant data at scale, and applying its proprietary machine learning analysis, the platform empowers smarter and faster decisions.

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