Suki’s Story: Saving money by living well with YuLife

We spoke to YuLife advocate Suki Atwal about her experience with the app so far. She shares how engaging with YuLife every day has enabled her to adopt some wonderful habits and earn fantastic rewards along the way.

Yugi the Giraffe - 6 September 2021

At YuLife we believe that small, daily habits play an important role in making positive lifestyle changes that last. We know that people are more likely to engage in these behaviours if they’re rewarded for doing so, which is why our app combines behavioural science with gamification to reward users for looking after their wellbeing.

Everyday, YuLife members can earn with YuCoin, YuLife’s currency of wellbeing, for using the app and completing walking and mindfulness challenges, which can be redeemed for vouchers at leading retailers.

The rewards were certainly a great motivator for Suki Atwal, Service Coordinator at Syntegon Technology, whose obsession with “chasing coin” has seen her clocking an average daily step count of over 15,000 steps a day!

Syntegon is your go-to global partner for processing and packaging technology in the pharmaceutical and food industries. With over 150 years of experience, they develop innovative processing and packaging technology solutions with a focus on premium quality.

“The benefits of it are amazing, it’s super easy to use and fits into my lifestyle so well.”

As a company that prioritises the mental and physical health of its employees, the leadership team at Syntegon wanted to provide their people with a wellbeing solution they would really value. So, in 2020, they partnered with YuLife.

As soon as Suki heard about the benefits of YuLife from her colleagues at Syntegon, she “got straight on it”, and started engaging with the app right away. “The benefits of it are amazing, it’s super easy to use and fits into my lifestyle so well. I love it and now use it every day!”

The team at Syntegon actively use the company leaderboard within the app, where employees compete to reach a podium for walking the most steps, and it’s been a major talking point: “when YuLife first launched, nearly every conversation was about how many steps you’ve done, how many levels you’ve completed and where you are on the leaderboard!”

As an “active and on-it” user of the app, Suki has been inspired to make a number of positive changes to her lifestyle: “Throughout winter, even when it’s snowing or raining, I’ll still go out for an hour-long walk everyday - I don’t think I’d be doing that if it wasn’t for having YuLife and being rewarded for my steps.”

Suki also regularly engages with the mindfulness side of the app. “A few months ago I injured my achilles whilst running and I couldn’t walk anymore - this meant I had to switch from doing steps challenges to practicing meditation. It was really hard not being able to exercise, but it was nice that I was able to make that shift and still use the app despite my injury. I now use Calm to meditate daily.”

“I’m a real YuLife ambassador. I’m always raving about it and promoting it to other people who are looking for new rewards for their workplace."

Something Suki particularly loves about the app is the surges; periods of increased YuCoin earn rate for completing challenges that run in celebration of special events, and she’s very committed to collecting those extra coins: “I actually asked the YuLife customer happiness team to send me a schedule of upcoming surges, to make sure I’m never missing out!”  

YuLife has not only motivated Suki to prioritise her mental and physical wellbeing, but by racking up lots of YuCoin, she’s been able to redeem some very useful rewards along the way. “The M&S reward is definitely my favourite - it’s great getting money off my weekly shop. The Garmin discount is also amazing - I bought a golf watch as a present for my husband and he loves it!”

Suki has even recommended YuLife to friends at other companies. “I’m a real YuLife ambassador. I’m always raving about it and promoting it to other people who are looking for new rewards for their workplace. I absolutely love the app and I hope to see many more people benefitting from it.”

YuLife is a tech-driven insurance company on a mission to inspire life and turn financial products into a force for good. By harnessing the power of gamification and the latest behavioural science, YuLife rewards healthy living and puts everyday wellness within reach of everyone.

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