Partnering To Reinforce Protect and Engage Employees

We worked with Havas Group, one of the world’s largest global communications groups to reinforce their existing insurance and wellbeing strategy with Yulife during the pandemic.

Yugi the Giraffe - 24 March 2021

Key Metrics

  • 67% downloaded the app
  • 55% engage monthly (average over the quarter)
  • Average step count Q4: 5,364
  • Average meditation per month: 425 minutes per employee
  • 60-70% of members are meditating
  • Most popular time for a meditation challenge: around 11am-12pm
  • Most popular time for a Brisk walk: 8am

Employee wellbeing is a blackbox. Consultants, researchers and HR practitioners alike spend years trying to improve it, much less try to understand it. Today, although data analytics has given companies tremendous value in terms of understanding their customers, few companies use analytics to try to understand their most precious resource: their people.

That formed the basis of Yulife’s partnership with Havas - a true dedication to get to know and care for their people’s internal wellbeing even before discussing external output. As research has shown, tackling wellbeing was even more challenging during the pandemic. Despite the tremendous change management employees needed to undertake as a result of the pandemic (isolated, no less), less face-to-face interaction meant colleagues & managers alike could no longer easily pick up on each others’ non-verbal cues which indicated things like burnout or stress.

“When the pandemic hit, our aim was to anchor our staff back to normality as closely as possible, to stop the situation becoming overwhelming.” Says Patrick Affleck, Chief Executive Officer.

There was a need to understand not only what made work harder for people, but also how to redesign work around employee’s wellbeing in lockdown. That’s when Havas reached out to Yulife to run a trial for a small group of its employees - they wanted to understand how the pandemic affected employees and how to reinforce healthy habits.

The data that came back seemed to suggest that staff habits did shift as a result of the pandemic: Havas employees clocked a higher-than-average norm of 5,800 steps per day pre-pandemic, but saw more than a 32% drop during the initial months of lockdown.

Interestingly, despite the slight initial dip, in August, steps were back up to a higher average of 7,300 a day. This was inspiring as employees’ daily steps pre-pandemic were mainly contingent on their daily commute. But the figures suggested that employees were now getting into the rhythm of intentional moving about even without their perfunctory daily commute.

Other interesting findings came out of the trial: Havas’ employees were using the mindfulness function of the app more and more. In fact, Havas’ 18-29 year old employees saw a 211% growth in mindfulness minutes post-pandemic. Of course, this growth was supported by Havas’ own existing comprehensive wellness programme. The company also created “Wellness Wednesdays”, which feature (virtual) hourly guided meditation and reiki.

Moreover, Yulife’s further analysis of app activity also lent insight to the times employees naturally preferred to be mindful- such as in the mornings at 11am. They were also seeing less people meditating into the early hours of the morning; potentially suggesting people are having less issues from a sleep perspective.

One of the other big plus points for Havas was the fact that Yulife offered counselling, life coaching, nutrition consultants and a virtual 24/7 GP. This function not only helped to underpin Havas’ impressive Equalise programme, but also helped to supply the growing demand for mental wellness resources in lockdown. As Ewen MacPherson, Group Chief People Officer, Havas Group UK asserts were growingly popular in the pandemic,

“Personal development coaching sessions that were previously available on a first-come, first serve basis suddenly became so popular we had to almost double our provision.”

After a successful trial with around 110 workers during 2020, it rolled out a full company-wide roll-out of YuLife to all of its 2,200 staff.

“YuLife has given us the tools to make the most of our existing insurance investment and go the extra mile to boost employee wellbeing, providing us with an ideal platform to help our people lead better and healthier lives.” Ewen MacPherson

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