Monday Motivation from Sammy Rubin, Founder and CEO of YuLife

The Yucrew is inspired every Monday Morning with a virtual kickoff filled with new insights and ideas. Here are some of this week's takeaways.

Yugi the Giraffe - 4 May 2020

“Last week, Travis Scott and Fortnite came together to create a virtual concert like no other. As opposed to a traditional stream, Travis created an experiential concert within the Fortnite game environment, full of visual effects and vibrant colours. Over 45 million views later, media all over the world took notice. Fortnite grew up to become more than just a product, but a game with a purpose. Through historic events like this, Fortnite has inspired people and created moments of joy.

“Now, let’s consider Joe Wicks and his contribution to online fitness and wellbeing; millions of people around the world are streaming his workouts. Over the weekend, he was admitted into hospital after injuring his arm. Yet today, he brought his wife in to do sessions in his place. He guides her through the exercises while asking questions about history and science, turning fitness into a fun and joyous experience.

“This is really important when building a business. Some important lessons can be learned from a recent podcast with our Chief Wellbeing Officer, Dr Chatterjee, where he interviews B.J. Fogg. Fogg is a behavioural scientist from Stanford university with so much to teach about behavioural change. He talks about how most programs, like diets, are set up to fail. How do we create habits that actually work and inspire people to live sustainably? What is the motivation?

“A lot of change programs are based on fear and never feeling good enough as you compare yourself to others. In the long term, they will not drive sustainable change. Ultimately change has to bypass the intellect and create a feeling - a feeling of joy and success. If you want to engage people and change a habit, you need to do small things and reward yourselves. Small successes will then bring more success.  

“B.J. Fogg’s new book, Tiny Habits explores how small changes, coupled with a feeling of joy, is the formula for change. This is what we are seeing with Joe Wicks, B.J. Fogg, and Fortnite and Travis Scott’s experiential concert.

“We talk about our values and our purpose. How do we give more than we take? How do we take something archaic (like life insurance) and create something joyous, memorable and sustainable, to ultimately inspire people's lives?”  Ultimately our big purpose is to inspire people to live their best lives but in order to do this, it’s the small actions that drive the long-lasting change.

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Yugi the Giraffe

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