MetLife UK and YuLife announce new collaboration

Leading global insurer, MetLife to be an underwriting partner to YuLife to broaden customer reach and improve member experience.

Yugi the Giraffe - 13 December 2021

London, United Kingdom - 13th December 2021: Leading insurer MetLife UK and tech driven insurance company, YuLife, have announced an exciting new partnership which sees  MetLife become an underwriter for YuLife’s Group Life cover policies. The partnership reflects the two companies’ aligned values and shared interest in improving the ongoing value of life  insurance policies for customers.

Leading global insurance provider, MetLife brings a long history of underwriting expertise and  service excellence, while YuLife brings a highly innovative solution that harnesses the power  of gamification with the latest behavioural science. Together, it creates a unique Group Life  proposition.

The new partnership will see YuLife continuing to own its’ customer relationships and  propositional offering, whilst MetLife will be the underlying risk carrier and claims  administration provider.

Dominic Grinstead, Managing Director, MetLife UK, comments: “2021 has seen a rapid  change to the working landscape with digital accelerating progress in many organisations.

“At MetLife, we remain committed to our unwavering focus on meeting customer needs and  service excellence by driving innovation. More than ever it’s crucial that insurance policies are  accessible and engaging. We also recognise that the need for protecting more customers has  never been greater, so it’s a particularly exciting time to partner with YuLife to expand our  offering, and ultimately, support more customers with a comprehensive wellness offering.”

“I'm excited to partner with MetLife, a world-leading life insurer with decades of experience  in global employee benefits,” said Sammy Rubin, CEO and Founder, YuLife. “MetLife is  ideally positioned to support YuLife’s ongoing growth and development as we continue to  deliver insurance policies that not only proactively incentivise health and well-being, but are  grounded in exceptional service and delivery.”

Yugi the Giraffe

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