An Insight into Onboarding with YuLife and Landbay

YuLife values simplicity and transparency above all else. We share how easy and seamless our customer onboarding is in our first sessions with Fintech company Landbay.

Yugi the Giraffe - 8 August 2019

At YuLife, two of the most important things to us are simplicity and transparency. Life insurance is a seemingly complex product that tends to raise a lot of questions, and when you add our wellbeing app, it might be difficult to answer all of these questions as an HR manager.

That’s why we always introduce ourselves to your team as part of our process, with what we call the 'onboarding session'. But what is it? And how might this work for your company? We followed our team on their onboarding session with Landbay to show how we use these sessions to engage your team and start delivering immediate value from your YuLife membership.

Clarity is key

Landbay is a peer-to-peer fintech company specialising in buy-to-let mortgages. “As a company, we are seeing great success and are scaling rapidly," says Naomi Braisby, Head of HR at Landbay. "We’re developing our benefits package over time to match this. We want benefits that people actively express an interest in, rather than what we think they want. One of the requested benefits was life insurance, and as an innovative company we wanted our benefits to stand out, make a difference and be meaningful - even if we're talking about life insurance.”

“Another area we picked up from our office vibe engagement feedback is that wellness is really important to our staff. YuLife ties our wellness and benefits needs together, making it a perfect solution,” Naomi explains why Landbay thought YuLife would be a great fit.

“There were a lot of questions from staff before the onboarding session with the YuLife team. I was trying my best to support people and find out the answers, but having the onboarding session made it really seamless,” she continues. “Being able to reassure everyone that they will have experts in the office to give all the detailed information was extremely helpful.”

This connects to one of YuLife’s biggest missions: to make life insurance transparent. People often don’t want to hear about life insurance - it’s quite a grim subject, and it’s perceived as complicated. But we think it’s really important to allow people to easily understand the policy they have and everything that comes with it. Through the onboarding session, we can answer any questions, explain what your employees are getting, and open up channels of communication with us in case anything goes wrong.

We also use the session to introduce a company competition or raffle to get your team excited, and encourage them to download the app so they can fully reap the benefits of YuLife. The Landbay raffle, for example, is all about challenges. Every employee gets a raffle ticket when they take a challenge in the app (the more challenges they do, the more raffle tickets they get), and the 2 winners can win a smoothie maker, a water bottle or books from our wellbeing ambassadors Deliciously Ella and Dr Rangan Chatterjee. Score.

Planning for the best

Our onboarding sessions are not compulsory, but we want to make them as fun as possible for your employees to want to join in. Our sessions are always casual and people are welcome to come and go as they please (but they normally want to stay - and we don’t think it’s only for the free Deliciously Ella snacks!).

We usually start with an overview of YuLife, which includes an easy-to-understand run-through of the insurance we provide, the app, the way rewards work, our wellbeing partners, and how to get in touch with us.

Of course, there’ll be room for questions, and our team are always happy to answer any of them, no matter how specific they are: anything goes, be it ‘how to redeem a reward’ or ‘am I covered if I take part in extreme sports’.

Then, the fun can really start. A mindfulness session, a smoothie bike where you can make your own smoothie by pedalling away, or a massage session for your team are all things we like doing to help your team kickstart their wellbeing journey with YuLife!

The Landbay onboarding included a mindfulness session with our Customer Happiness Manager, Happy. They introduced the basics of mindfulness to the teams, and showed that anyone can take part - all you need is to be in the moment.

“We just launched our leaderboard yesterday, and everyone’s been really excited about it,” Naomi tells us. “But several more people have joined the leaderboard now that we’ve had our onboarding session! We’ve seen a massive intake and people downloading the app and getting involved.”

In fact, by the time we left Landbay’s offices, 40 out of their 73 employees already downloaded the app - so these onboarding sessions can be really successful in terms of getting your team to start using the app.

Overall, onboarding sessions are built to get your people going with their new exciting benefit. They teach the 'boring bit' in a fun way and get your team engaged with the exciting part of the offer in one go. So far, they've been incredibly successful - and we're happy to tailor them to your company's needs.

If you’re interested to learn more about YuLife, book a demo with one of our experts. Who knows, maybe in a couple of weeks’ time your team will experience our onboarding session first hand!

Yugi the Giraffe

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