Jacqueline at Bluebird Care East Devon gives YuLife her stamp of appreciation

In order to support Bluebird Care staff, Jacqueline Fyall chose to partner with YuLife. She has since seen a positive impact on employee engagement.

Yugi the Giraffe - 2 July 2021

Results (so far)

  • 88% have downloaded the app.
  • 5,859 average steps per day per Bluebird Care East Devon employee.
  • Meditation is the most popular challenge.
  • Amazon is the most popular choice for spending YuCoin, followed by the App Store.

Bluebird Care is committed to the highest standard of care leading them to be rated Outstanding by the CDQ. Their aim is to provide a standard of care that they would want for their own families, always seeing the whole person and not just a list of care needs.

Jacqueline is responsible for ensuring that both staff and customers alike are happy and have their needs met. In order to support Bluebird Care staff, she chose to partner with YuLife in 2020. She has since seen a positive impact on employee engagement:

“I think the package we have for our staff is excellent. The team are enjoying the competition to reach the top of the leaderboard.”

It is great that YuLife has been able to enhance and protect the lives of care professionals! We also love to see that Jacqueline is enjoying the app herself:

“I use the app daily and walk lots more on the weekends than previously.”

YuLife is a tech-driven insurance company on a mission to inspire life and turn financial products into a force for good. By harnessing the power of gamification and the latest behavioural science, YuLife insurance rewards healthy living and puts everyday wellness within reach of everyone.

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Yugi the Giraffe

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