Insurance Broker and Wealth Management Firm Drewberry Enjoys Employee Benefits Boost From YuLife

We spoke to Tom Conner, Director at Drewberry, about his experience with YuLife and why other businesses should consider supporting their staff with a comprehensive wellbeing programme.

Yugi the Giraffe - 21 January 2021

As an independent insurance intermediary offering fee-free advice on individual and group insurance, Drewberry is used to ensuring its clients get the best value from their protection. That’s why, when they were offered the chance to add YuLife to their existing Group Life Insurance policy, Drewberry jumped at the chance to provide their workers with the same added value.

Drewberry has long recognised the importance of protection for employees and has helped hundreds of companies of all stripes and sizes arrange benefits for their staff. That’s why Drewberry introduced Group Life Insurance for its staff in the first place. The opportunity to add YuLife to this offering — with its associated benefits to physical health and mental wellbeing — was too good to pass up.

“We’re always seeking ways for our team to be healthier and therefore happier, recognising how important this is for our staff,” says Tom Conner, Director at Drewberry. “To that end, we’ve arranged office yoga sessions (since moved online due to coronavirus) and also offered the team health MOTs. Introducing YuLife, which encourages activities that promote both physical and mental health, was really the next logical step.”

YuLife Explained

YuLife is a Group Life Insurance offering with a difference. Rather than focusing solely on protecting workers’ families after a worker passes away, YuLife offers a range of perks and benefits alongside Life Insurance that workers can use to enhance their lives while they’re still living.

YuLife’s focus is on improving workers’ health and wellbeing and with it improving their lives. The company achieves this largely through it’s gamified YuLife app, which everyone at Drewberry has access to and has trialled extensively. This inspires people to adopt healthy habits by providing step counters that track workers’ activity levels and rank them on a company leaderboard. It also offers access to meditation and mindfulness support.

Employees earn YuCoin, the in-app currency, in exchange for completing a set number of steps or participating in a set number of minutes of mindfulness. They then have the option to exchange YuCoin for rewards with YuLife’s various partners, which include major high street retailers, supermarkets, smart wearable technology firms, sportswear brands, companies offering assistance with money advice and wills, charitable donations and more.

“The step count leaderboard alone and the competition it inspires to get out there and get moving has been a major positive already,” notes Tom. “The fact that our team will be able to turn these steps into YuCoin and exchange them for rewards is simply an added bonus. Ultimately, it’s great to be able to reward employees for being healthier. With real tangible benefits to exercise, we’re pleased to have a way to encourage staff to participate.”

How Drewberry Uses YuLife

“As mentioned, we’re already huge users of the internal step counter leaderboard,” says Tom. 83% of staff now have the app on their phones and, of those, 76% have been active so far in January. Our team’s average daily step count has increased each month between November and January despite the temptation to give in to tins of chocolates and Christmas TV!

“However, we’re also seeing staff engage in the mindfulness side of things, taking on meditation challenges to earn YuCoin. In total, the team completed 470 minutes of mindfulness activities in December, which increased to almost 580 minutes so far this month. A healthy body is obviously an incredibly positive thing and its importance can’t be understated, but being at the peak of physical fitness is almost pointless if your mental health is suffering. We’ve written several articles about workplace stress, including this one, so we’re passionate about tackling it in our own backyard.”

Since offering the app to its workers, Drewberry has noticed a real uptick in not only staff physical activity — despite the less-than-inviting January weather outside — but also growing interest in improving mental wellness as well.

“Our team is all working remotely at the moment due to the pandemic. They’re telling us that they’re using the mindfulness aspects of the app every morning before signing on or attending morning catchup video meetings,” says Tom. “It’s a great way to start your morning — I’ve been trying to do it every day myself — and really gets you centred and focused for your workday ahead. You earn YuCoin after just 2 minutes of mindfulness. Who can honestly say they don’t have 2 minutes — just 120 seconds — in their morning routine to give mindfulness a try?”

Why Offer Staff Support With Their Wellbeing?

“For any other business considering YuLife, we’d highly recommend it,” says Tom. “Not only is it a great thing to introduce for your workers, but there’s also plenty of reasons to do so for you as a business. After all, a healthier, happier workforce is usually a more productive one, with all the associated benefits that brings. We also feel that employers have a duty of care to their staff in terms of supporting them in such areas. YuLife is a great way to do this.

“Now we’ve trialled YuLife, we’ll not only be keeping it for our workers but our employee benefits team will be able to discuss the benefits of it with potential clients from firsthand experience. We’ve got no hesitation in doing so thanks to the positive feedback and experience we’ve had.

“Overall, YuLife’s fun, interactive model of encouraging wellness is easy to engage with and has proved highly popular among our staff. There’s plenty of friendly rivalry when it comes to the leaderboard at the moment as well! That’s encouraging more people to get active, so we feel there’ll definitely be positives coming off the back of this. It’s still early days, but we can tell our staff are really going to reap the rewards of having YuLife in place.”

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