Russell's Story: How YuLife Changed My Life For The Better

YuLife superfan Russell Taplin discusses his life-changing experience with the app. He shares how interacting with YuLife daily enabled him to build some amazing long-term habits that have significantly improved his health.

Yugi the Giraffe - 7 October 2021

At YuLife, we believe that you can dramatically improve your mental and physical wellbeing by practicing simple daily habits. That’s why we built an app that places a focus on walking - an easy, accessible activity that anyone can do.

Something that makes us really proud, is seeing how people have transformed their lives for the better by using our app. In Russell Taplin's case, YuLife was the catalyst that enabled him to achieve some remarkable fitness goals after being inactive for a long period following his recovery from Covid.

Since getting YuLife through his employer, RGA, 10 months ago, Russell has gone from being “doing no activity whatsoever” to preparing to run his first half marathon at the end of this year.  And what’s more, Russell’s daily walks and runs have helped him maintain a better work-life balance and spend more time with his family!

Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated (RGA), a Fortune 500 company, is among the leading global providers of life reinsurance and financial solutions, recognised for its deep technical expertise in risk and capital management, innovative solutions, and commitment to serving its clients.

“My poor health ignited me to make a lifestyle change, but the YuLife app was the fuel that carried me beyond my initial goals.”

Reflecting on his time at RGA, Russell shared: “They are a company that very much cares about wellbeing. Being nice and thoughtful is definitely inbred into the culture. I am very fortunate to have been with them throughout the very strange couple of years we’ve had.”

At the start of the pandemic, Russell was rarely leaving the house and his activity levels were low. “I picked up covid at end of December last year and throughout most of January I wasn’t doing very much.”

However, following this health scare, Russell was determined to turn his lifestyle around. “I knew things needed to change and I decided I was going to do something fitness-wise.”

Russell started the couch to 5k training programme with his son at around the same time he onboarded with YuLife. “I saw how YuLife was tracking my runs as steps on the company leaderboard and it was a great motivator, so I invested in a wearable tracker to make sure all my daily steps were being counted and started to tie in the walking challenges with my daily runs to get extra rewards.”

Russel's fitness journey evolved naturally from there. The couch to 5k program quickly saw its way through the 9 weeks, and he's stayed committed to his regular runs: “Now my son and I run 4 miles together every other night. I’ve lost over 2 stone in weight I have a resting heart rate of 48.”

"I’m nearly 50 and my Garmin tells me that my fitness age is 20! I’m pretty chuffed with that.”

Russell can now comfortably run 13 miles, taking him to half marathon distance. He is set to compete in his first race at the end of this year, something he “never thought [he’d] be doing  a few months ago.”

YuLife has been an integral part of his success. "My poor health ignited me to make a lifestyle change, but the YuLife app was the fuel that carried me beyond my initial goals. It has inspired me to take more steps and make sure I continually take the time out to prioritise my physical wellbeing."

“This time last year, I would have never have dreamt of being able to run like I can today - Even walking a mile would have been a struggle! And now, I’m nearly 50 and my Garmin tells me that my fitness age is 20! I’m pretty chuffed with that.”

YuLife is a tech-driven insurance company on a mission to inspire life and turn financial products into a force for good. By harnessing the power of gamification and the latest behavioural science, YuLife rewards healthy living and puts everyday wellness within reach of everyone.

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