How to Cope in HR When Your Company is Growing Like Mad

Your company is doing well, and that's great, but it also brings about new challenges. We've got some ideas on how to cope with them.

Yugi the Giraffe - 26 March 2019

Remember the time when your company had 15 employees? When you were still trying to figure out what your business is all about? When your to-do list wasn't the length of the M25?

These times sure had their charm, but how exciting is it to think back and reminisce when you're in such a different place? As your company expands - and, oh boy, is it expanding - there are some new challenges you may need to tackle.

Culturally fit

It's much easier to keep an excellent and uniform company culture up when you don't have that many employees to think about. But growing companies often face rapid changes in their company cultures, due to the fast-paced nature of their business and the sheer numbers of new employees.

Nurturing a healthy company culture is not only important for your employees - it's important for your business. By cultivating a culture that encourages your employees to share and develop good personal relationships with one another, your business will perform more cohesively and you'll be more likely to see good results.

The best thing to do if you want to freshen up your office culture is by informing everyone about it. When it comes to hiring new people, have them go through a consistent onboarding process as well as training. As to your existing employees, they can only benefit from detailed employee handbooks that clarify how you communicate with clients and with each other, as well as any other cultural points you want to put across.

Great ways to align your employees towards the same goal and to spark personal relationships between them are encouraging morning team stand-ups, work socials and networking events. When you onboard new employees, consider implementing a buddy-system and make sure you invite everyone to events.

Long-term relationships

You have a group of amazing employees, and you sure want to keep them safe with you. It makes a lot of sense: turnover is a huge HR concern, particularly in growing businesses whose culture can change rapidly.

Your people aren't only the face of your business - they're the foundation of it. So by taking care of them, you're taking care of your business. Sometimes seemingly counter-productive things - like allowing more freedom, more breaks, or spending some money on benefits - are the best way to make sure you don't lose your brilliant staff to competitors who may have been around for longer and had more time to polish their employee programmes.

In fact, employees are expecting benefits now, from corporations and SMEs alike. 53% of employees said they'd choose an employer that offered benefits - even if it meant getting less money.

Another point to consider is that taking care of your employees' health - financial, mental and physical - is a great way to make sure they're the best employees that can be, while maintaining an office culture that pushes your people to be their best selves. Whatever you choose to implement, just make sure you listen to your employees and work based on what they want - rather than what you think they would want.

But how do you make sure your employees make the most out of the benefits you pick for them, when you've nurtured such an incredibly diverse team? Employees all want different things, so when you pick your benefits scheme try to pick an option that covers the most ground and offers a personalised experience. For example, yulife offers a variety of gift cards that your employees can choose from, as well as working to their individual needs when it comes to their wellbeing.

Law of attraction

Staff retention is important for every business, and in a growing company like your own, it can be even more important - you need as many hands on deck as you can possibly get. Which is also why you constantly need more employees to come on board.

But there are so many businesses and opportunities your new potential superstars can choose instead. What makes a company worthwhile for the best talent out there is the added value that you, as the HR manager or director, provide for them.

It can be an amazing company culture with prosecco Fridays and a gummy bear fountain on hump day. It can be a great employee benefits scheme that will reward your team daily. It can be an impressive pension, life insurance, or financial planning sessions with experts. But whatever you choose, it needs to provide a real, tangible benefit that will close the deal for your business.

As a company whose inception is still fresh in everyone's memory, you may not have any employee perks in place as of now. "I think perks are something that people look for when they're looking at companies to send their CVs to and apply for jobs," says Annie Butt, HR and Office Manager at L Marks, one of yulife's beloved clients. "It's something great to have on the job description when you're advertising for a job," she adds.

Make things easy for yourself

As your company evolves, you naturally have more and more to do. Not only do you have more responsibilities and concerns, but they're also all multiplied by however many more people you've employed.

That's why it's so important to get ahead of the curve and find systems that will ease the administration nightmare you may be facing. It might be a digital system that was purpose-built for HR management, or it can even be well-thought-out processes within your team and your business.

Sit down and think of the administrative challenges you're facing on a daily and weekly basis. Try to find ways to make these challenges either disappear or look less intimidating. The internet can be really helpful with that - do your research! It might take some time from your busy day, but it will save you so much of it in the long run.

Fanning the flames

Speaking of an administrative hell, there's no point making matters worse. You already have enough on your plate, so plan your employee programmes with that in mind. Nobody has time for even more admin hassle - and especially not you.

Pick the perks that will be as easy for you to implement and not bite into your busy schedule more than they have to. You may want to read reviews (Trustpilot is a great place to start), make sure that the support team is active and easy-to-reach, and look into benefits that don't require your constant attention.

yulife is a great solution that ticks all the boxes for the busy HR manager or director. If you're looking for a benefit that will help you to attract and retain staff without adding any more burden to your busy workday, we know we can help. We may be a bit biased, though, so we've turned to Jeroen Verheggen, CEO of Netfluential, another one of yulife's trusted clients.

"The first thing that attracted me to yulife was that it was a benefit I could offer that would cause me no headaches from an admin point of view," Jeroen explains. "I also wanted something that would offer a tangible benefit to both the company and the employees. Once you get somebody within the team to say 'I've just had a free book', and there is some banter and some competitiveness created around different kinds of tasks, it's something really valuable as an employer. It gives them something to help with keeping their health, and a healthy workforce benefits the company".

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