How to Achieve Success by Adopting a Growth Mindset

Sammy Rubin applies Carol Dweck's concept of the growth mindset to achieving success - how can living help us to live our best lives, both individually and in business?

Sammy Rubin - 14 January 2021

Reaching a lot of the goals we set for ourselves is all about mindset; I believe that having the right mindset builds the foundations for success. How we look at life will change how we approach challenges. I was inspired in this train of thought by Stanford University Professor Carol Dweck and a book called Mindset: Changing the Way You think To Fulfil Your Potential.

Carol Dweck talks about how you can divide people into groups under two types of mindsets. The first is a fixed mindset, and the second is a growth mindset:

  • Fixed mindset - fixed mindset focuses on the idea that we are born with the intelligence we’ll have forever and that we have a fixed place in the world. This mindset can lead to lots of different issues because a lot of life becomes about proving worth and intelligence. A fixed mindset can create a static culture, one of fear of trying, fear of failure and seeking others’ approval to affirm who you are.
  • Growth mindset - A growth mindset means that all human beings are “a work in progress.” We are growing constantly in our emotional intelligence and have the capacity to learn throughout our lives. None of us is perfect; we are vulnerable in our values but life’s about wanting to grow together.

Applying a growth mindset to our individual lives

At YuLife, we’ve recently introduced a fantastic new resource - a life coaching service called More Happi. These coaching sessions don’t just focus on professional development, but personal and social growth too.

I believe the benefits of coaching are based on this premise that we are works in progress and that we are all growing together. I had my first session last week, and I wanted to talk through as a particular issue I had been pondering on for a while.

My coach helped me to reframe the way I was looking at this particular issue and changed my perspective, which helped me to move past it. That’s just a small example of the growth mindset at work - it all stems from the basic fact that we are human beings that were built to grow.

Successful businesses have a growth mindset

When it comes down to mindset, I believe that the most successful companies in the world - The ones that have really big ambitions and are able to execute them - are basically operating with the right mindset. Leaders of these successful businesses decide that they are not just going to do things the way they were; they won’t just follow existing patterns and try to fit in. They don’t just replicate what life is expected of them and that’s when their companies grow beyond what we think is possible.

At YuLife, the growth mindset is exemplified in our mission. The life insurance industry has been static for a long time and is in need of disruption. We began asking how can we not just provide a policy for when people die, but inspiring people and inspiring growth; How can we actually protect people but also create change trigger a new way of being?

When we started out, we were focused on our big vision of inspiring millions of lives. In order to get there, we have the brightest and best-talented people that share those values, and growth mindset to make this happen.

How can we move into a growth mindset?

I encourage everyone to be open.

Try to imagine another type of mindset and mindset that we all have inside of us; one which focuses on growth and comes from admitting that we are vulnerable, we are not perfect, and that no one has the answer. None of us has the answer but we can grow together to achieve our aims in life.  Individually, collectively, and as a business, success can be executed on that growth mindset.

Sammy Rubin

Sammy Rubin is the Founder & CEO of YuLife, a life insurance company that strives to offer effective life cover and improve the health and overall wellbeing of its users.