How an employee-first view can drive organisational change

Here we explain how YuLife can help your organisation take that first step on the road to change.

Yugi the Giraffe - 12 April 2022

In 2022, the need for organisational change could not be more pressing. Existing trends in HR have accelerated tremendously over the past two years – and now organisations large and small face some of their toughest challenges in decades.

Recruiters are struggling with major skills shortages, and existing employees are becoming harder to retain. According to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index, 41% of people are likely to consider leaving their jobs this year. Those who weren't lost to the 'Great Resignation' are jealously guarding the remote working opportunities they gained during lockdown. And so almost every function of HR, from training to employee progression, must be reconsidered in a new light.

Technology has long been seen as the cure for all employment woes, and it certainly has a role to play. But in truth, people, processes and tech all need to work together – and the greatest focus, in 2022, has to be on people.

The days of forcing through change against peoples’ wills are over. In today's world you need to nurture buy-in, adoption and engagement over time. Employees need to understand the value of change and support it, or it's just not going to happen.

How YuLife supports organisational change

YuLife is keen to support HR teams in this effort, by driving life-altering changes in behaviour that benefit both employees and their employers.  

Why does a group insurance company care about behavioural change? Quite simply, because although life insurance is a valued benefit, most employees won’t gain from it in life. So YuLife is shifting the focus from death – the end of life – to living life to the full, here and now.

Central to this is the YuLife app, which enables employees to set physical and mental health goals for themselves, around activities such as walking and meditation. Completing tasks and progressing goals over time earns them YuCoin, which they can use to get discounts and vouchers from top brands, or do good in the world with tree-planting, or donating to charity. There's a leaderboard to inspire healthy workplace competition, and employees can even challenge each other to fun duels – fostering relationships and a feeling of camaraderie. The YuLife app has a 44% average daily engagement rate.

In short, the employee gets rewarding, enjoyable experiences, the chance to grow meaningful relationships, tangible rewards, and to improve their levels of mental and physical well-being, all directly via their employer. The employer, in turn, gets new ways to engage with employees, while encouraging lifestyle changes that improve productivity, reduce absenteeism and churn – with the potential for rebates as health risk is reduced.

Of course, signing up for YuLife isn't the whole solution to organisational change – it's just one part of it. But a healthy, happy and engaged workforce is one that's more open to broader change… and one that's much more likely to stick around, and see it through.

YuLife can help organisations take that first step on the road to change. Can other group risk insurance companies say the same?

Yugi the Giraffe

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