Employees at Vodafone franchise stores embrace the YuLife app

Chi, Emiriana and Moses share how YuLife has inspired them to incorporate healthy habits into their daily routines.

Yugi the Giraffe - 18 June 2021

Results (so far)

  • 90% have downloaded the app.
  • 9,463 average steps per day per Vodafone store employee (up 33% from last quarter!)
  • Around 30% of employees are incorporating meditation into their lives.
  • Nike is the most popular reward partner.

Vodafone Lewisham, Eltham & Bexleyheath have made the decision to offer life insurance to their employees. But they didn't want to stop there, and chose to partner with YuLife to give colleagues access to a gamified wellbeing app and an ecosystem of wellbeing benefits:

“I would definitely recommend Yulife as it allows employers to combine life insurance with wellbeing benefits, it’s great for team engagement and in turn can reduce the number of days and money lost to absence… Staff retention is key and having life insurance as part of our offering forms part of an attractive package.” - Ellsar Ltd Partner Agents, Satvir & Lorraine

The results have been encouraging and some members of the team have kindly passed on their experience and recommendation of YuLife:


"I use the YuLife app daily because it encourages me to live an active life. I get to monitor my steps plus I even get Yucoin for my daily steps. I think that's really encouraging. The best part is I also get to use the coins to get vouchers from known brands and websites. I think that's pretty amazing (I call it the icing on the cake)."


"When I first joined the leader board list I was at the bottom. It was during the lockdown when this all started... When I learned how to use the app I realised it was going to be an amazing game and lots of fun at the same time. I saw that the more steps you do during the day, the more coins you get. The coins help you to get vouchers and spend online for different types of shops such as: ASOS, Amazon, Nike, Apple store etc.

I start to use it every single day. Going out in the park for a walk, doing exercises at home. Also doing the daily food shopping helped to get thousands of coins, just from the steps.

After achieving thirty thousand coins I purchased an amazon voucher and bought a gift for Mother’s Day which was fantastic. I am happy to say that I can see changes in my body and lifestyle which I am proud of. And this is what I loved the most from the App. I won’t stop doing my daily steps and I’m planning to get 1st place as well!"


"I use the app every day to check where I am on the leaderboard, as it is an exceptionally good way of staying fit and competing against your peers. I also love the challenges, as it allows me to focus on taking time out to just meditate and relax."

On average, YuLife incentivises users to take 7,224 daily steps compared to the UK average of 3,500 daily steps.

Find out more about how YuLife can engage and protect your employees:

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