Cultivating a healthier workplace with Del Monte (UK)

Del Monte were on a mission to find a cost effective wellbeing solution that would be valued by their whole team, from head office to the factory floor. That’s where YuLife came in.

Anna Hayes - 23 April 2021

Key Metrics:

  • 194 employees
  • 46% have downloaded the YuLife app
  • 37.2% of challenges are long walks (30 minutes)
  • Followed by meditation challenges (37.1%)
  • 6 people have used their discount to purchase a fitbit or Garmin device

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For more than 125 years, Del Monte has led the way in food production and distribution around the globe. However, like many businesses, they have had to adapt to changes brought about by the pandemic.

For Human Resources Director, Shelly Webb, her first priority was their people.

Reflecting on her 25 years spent at Del Monte and the pandemic, Shelly shared; “The past year has highlighted the unknown, it’s a changing world and anything can happen unexpectedly. I think this last year has highlighted the need to make sure our employees are well, both emotionally and physically and kept safe in the workplace and outside”

A cost-effective solution

As a “cost-conscious” company, Shelly explains “we were drawn to YuLife as you could offer this substantial benefit to our employees within our budget”.

As part of their Group Life Insurance protection, Del Monte employees have access to a comprehensive health and wellbeing programme. From a 24/7 virtual GP and EAP to the engaging YuLife app, Del Monte’s employees are empowered to live their happiest and healthiest lives.

“this last year has highlighted the need to make sure our employees are well, both emotionally and physically and kept safe in the workplace and outside”

As a company that whole-heartedly recognises that their business succeeds when their employees are thriving, Del Monte were confident they would see a good return on their investment.

Something for everyone

Another factor that made the YuLife proposition attractive to Del Monte was that it would benefit all their workers. “[There are] two different groups of people to manage, head office and the factory”, shared Shelly.

YuLife stood out because its benefits would be accessible and valued by everyone, from head office to the factory floor.

In addition, due to language barriers and restricted communication channels, Del Monte experienced challenges in reaching their entire workforce. Their previous Employee Assistance Program showed very low engagement.

“With YuLife we see our team engaging with the app everyday”

Incorporating technology and game mechanics, YuLife’s app means that Del Monte employees are now engaging frequently. YuLife also went the extra mile in communicating their benefits to Del Monte’s factory workers by using payslip attachments and a raffle competition to increase engagement.

Inspiring health behaviours

The YuLife app is the gateway to insurance and wellbeing tools, but it's also a tool in-itself to inspire healthy lifestyle changes, through the adoption of small, daily habits.

Everyday, employees are rewarded for positive habits, like walking and meditating, with “YuCoin” - YuLife’s currency of wellbeing. Participating in a challenge, for instance a 5 or 30 minute walk, also rewards the employee with YuCoin, which can then be redeemed for vouchers at leading retailers such as Amazon, ASOS and M&S.

The team at Del Monte actively use the company leaderboard within the app, where individuals can reach a “podium” for walking the most steps. We’ve seen that this healthy competition has inspired more healthy behaviours and a community spirit.

Shelly shared one such experience with us, “the factory workers and head office were involved in some friendly banter when one of the leaders was knocked off the podium. A new team member came straight in at the top of the leaderboard, and people were asking, who is this guy?”

Shelly herself is an avid app user, enjoying the “quests” within the app. YuLife has been incorporated perfectly into Del Monte’s mission to build a cost-effective wellbeing solution that would benefit their whole workplace.

Anna Hayes

Anna joined the YuCrew in 2020. She loves doing walking challenges with her puppy and reading in her spare time.