REBA panel discussion: create a robust wellbeing plan

YuLife Co-Founder and CTO Josh Hart joined an expert panel discussing the role of risk benefits as part of a robust wellbeing plan.

Yugi the Giraffe - 3 February 2021

During this “time of immense workplace change”, it has become increasingly apparent that wellbeing, insurance and data are all closely interlinked. As a result, HR leaders and businesses are recognising that robust wellbeing plans need to acknowledge all of these factors together.

YuLife Co-founder and CTO Josh Hart joined REBA Co-founder and Director Debi O’Donovan, and an expert panel - Laura Jackson, Global Head of Wellbeing & Benefits at Credit Suisse, and Dave Roberts, Head of Pensions, Wellbeing and Benefits at Virgin Media - to discuss how risk benefits can underpin a wellbeing strategy built on data and prevention.

During the session the audience were asked a series of questions in a live poll. An incredibly topical issue, 78% of the audience did not feel that their risk insurance offering is well integrated with their wellbeing strategy. In response, Laura and Dave shared their own criteria for buying the best-fit group risk, both emphasising the importance of “cultural-fit” and integrating providers with internal wellbeing strategies. Laura added that Credit Suisse holds quarterly vendor meetings specifically focused on opening up this wellbeing discussion between insurance providers.

“78% of the audience did not feel that their risk insurance offering is well integrated with their wellbeing strategy”

The need to be proactive was also emphasised by Josh, who suggested that businesses both challenge and share their wellbeing plans with insurers. Once they have “defined the type of workplace they want to become”, it becomes easier to identify the most relevant data, an issue the audience personally struggled with as 62% felt they need better data from insurance suppliers.  

The topic of data remained prominent throughout the panel’s discussion. In light of the new wellbeing risks exacerbated by the pandemic, including mental health issues, delayed physical health challenges and the rising problem of musculoskeletal pain, Josh encouraged a data approach which doesn’t focus on “critical moments” but looks further “upstream”.

To find out more about the panel’s thoughts on challenging your current insurer, home-working and the role group risk plays in digital health, watch the webinar on demand here.

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