Bringing wellness to the workplace: How Apexon delivered health and wellbeing benefits worth over 7x its insurance premium

Apexon were looking for a benefits solution to supercharge their wellbeing strategy and talent attraction offer. Find out how YuLife enabled them to create a workplace culture that 95% of employees would recommend…

Yugi the Giraffe - 20 July 2022

About Apexon

Apexon is a global digital engineering and technology business that’s grown from 56 employees in the UK at the start of 2021 to 158 in Q2 2022.

“Promoting and supporting employee wellbeing is one of our priorities at Apexon,” says Allison Cummins, Head of People and Capability at the technology and consulting firm. “From an organisation point of view, investing in employee wellbeing can lead to increased resilience, better employee engagement and reduced sickness absence, as well as higher performance and productivity.”

But having recognised a critical gap in their benefits package, Apexon were in search of an insurance provider who could deliver the coverage that employees needed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the Apexon team working virtually from the onset, it was also vital that staff felt fully supported in their physical and mental wellbeing. YuLife’s combined wellness platform with insurance cover stood out as the ideal solution, Allison explains: “We partnered with YuLife to further our vision of promoting employee wellbeing after having realised that we lacked a long-term sickness offering or life insurance coverage. We wanted to bring peace of mind to our employees – for both themselves and their families.”

Apexon joined YuLife in April 2021, with the team benefitting from not only YuLife’s pioneering group risk insurance policies, but also the range of additional tools that give employees ownership of their financial, physical and mental wellbeing. These include 24/7 virtual GP access, an Employee Assistance Programme (YuMatter) and the award-winning YuLife app, which rewards employees for participating in simple wellness activities – such as a five-minute walk or a mindfulness session.

Tangible value

YuLife invests in the health of Apexon employees by delivering a value of 7x their premium spend in wellbeing tools and services. The YuLife app, with its gamified approach to encouraging healthy behaviour, has proven to be the standout hit, with 90% of the company downloading the app and 63% of employees becoming monthly active users.

“We recognise the value of a comprehensive wellbeing offering in making Apexon a desirable workplace.”

With simple and actionable data-driven insights, Apexon have been able to accurately measure the numerous tangible business benefits of the platform. For example, the company earns back over £2,000 per quarter in value from YuCoin redeemed by employees taking part in health and wellbeing challenges.

Apexon has seen a marked ROI based on risks covered, rewards earned and improvements to culture, hiring and retention.

Deep impact

To expand their wellness offering, Apexon has made it possible for staff to access the Calm meditation app and the FiiT fitness app via the YuLife platform. This has encouraged members to participate in more exercise and mindfulness activities, taking the challenges in the app to earn as much YuCoin as possible.

Anonymised indicators of employee wellbeing, such as the average step counts or minutes spent practising mindfulness, have provided Apexon with important insights into the health of their team.

Meditation is proving to be the most popular challenge, with the team participating in mindfulness challenges for an average of 20 minutes per day. In addition, each Apexon team member is now clocking up an average of 6,223 steps per day – an impressive 78% higher than the UK national average!

Regular satisfaction surveys corroborate YuLife’s positive impact on employees. Some 87% of users agree that they feel happier as a result of using YuLife, while 85% feel more positive at work and at home, and 87% feel more energised. “We recognise the value of a comprehensive wellbeing offering in making Apexon a desirable workplace,” Allison says.

Attracting talent

YuLife has supported the Apexon team in achieving a better work-life balance. At the end of 2021, 80.3% of respondents to a quarterly pulse survey rated their work-life balance as either 4 or 5 (out of 5) compared to 75.3% at the beginning of the year.

The strong emphasis on employee wellbeing, supercharged by the introduction of YuLife’s range of benefits and rewards, has also enhanced Apexon’s talent attraction offer, enabling them to achieve 168% team growth in less than a year.

“[YuLife] has not only helped employee engagement but has enabled the virtual team to feel part of a wider community.”

“We have grown from 56 employees in the UK at the start of 2021 to 145 at the close of 2021,” Allison reveals. At the end of 2021, 95% of survey respondents said they would recommend Apexon to a friend as a good place to work.

A culture of wellbeing

Apexon have always been highly committed to looking after the health and wellbeing of their team. “One of our core company values is Heart,” reveals Allison. “This encompasses caring and being passionate about our people, our clients and our work.”

The company had already introduced a number of health and wellbeing initiatives, including stress management and mental health awareness campaigns, along with group fitness events such as a charity Santa Dash, in order to create an environment where every employee would thrive. 

When adding to the benefits offering, it was important to the team to find a partner whose values were consistent with our own, and would tie in with and build upon the wellbeing measures already in place. YuLife’s complete package of insurance, support services and wellbeing app not only filled a gap in Apexo’s existing offerings, but aligned perfectly with the culture of care.

“[YuLife] has not only helped employee engagement but has enabled the virtual team to feel part of a wider community.”

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