Building Employee Trust and Wellbeing with YuLife and L Marks

Consulting company L Marks shares how partnering with YuLife has helped them to enhance employee happiness and wellbeing with tangible benefits.

Yugi the Giraffe - 1 May 2019

The market is saturated with many different employee benefits that you can purchase for your company. So many companies are vying for your attention, with the aim of helping your business grow from an employee perspective.

As the HR person in your company, viewing these different options can be intimidating. But essentially, what you’re looking for is something your people will love and use every day.

When L Marks, a consulting company, started looking for an exciting employee benefit that will add to their already fantastic company culture, whilst incentivising new talent to join their growing team, they were looking for something that will not only reward their people, but also have an added benefit too.

“One of the reasons why we’ve decided to go with something like YuLife was to enhance our benefits and perks, because that’s something we didn’t really have and we thought that it would improve employee happiness and wellbeing,” says Annie Butt, HR and Office Manager at L Marks. “This is why YuLife has worked perfectly for us in terms of the perks that you can get, alongside the healthy aspects as well. And this was something we really wanted to overcome last year, and it’s not too tricky in terms of HR which is good”.

“Perks are something that people look for when they’re looking at companies to send their CVs to,” Annie adds. “It’s something great to have on the job description when you’re advertising for a job, that you’ve got these extra perks at the company”.

Love your people

The employees at L Marks love YuLife because of that, and it makes them feel like they can trust their company. “It shows that the employer cares about the wellbeing side of things. It definitely makes them stand out a bit more,” Elena Gyaurova, Programme Manager at L Marks, tells us. With employee life cover combined with a wellbeing benefit, YuLife invigorates a traditional perk with the modern tech a company like L Marks is looking for.

Elena and Annie

Elena didn’t have any specific fitness goals, just to generally maintain her health and wellbeing. She tried a few wellbeing apps before, with limited success. “There was this one that had videos of exercises on it, but I didn’t keep it up,” she explains. “You learn a few and then you just kind of start doing them and get a bit comfortable and don’t engage with it anymore. It doesn’t encourage you to engage daily. With YuLife I get the perks and the YuCoin, and it definitely helps that it’s like a game. So it’s been fun and engaging, and now I use it every day”.

YuLife has helped Elena, but Annie is just as excited about the app. “YuLife helped me with my fitness goals,” she says. “It encourages me not to go on the tube in the morning. I’m thinking, if I walk, I can get more YuCoin”.

Putting engagement first

The thing that both Elena and Annie find inspiring about YuLife is the way it makes them engage with their wellbeing. “I like the streaks very much,” Elena refers to the 5-day streaks in the app. “When you take a challenge 5 days in a row, you get extra YuCoin. The streaks are encouraging, especially for the weekends. If I have one more challenge to do to complete a streak, I’m a lot more likely to actually go out and do it”.

The streaks feature, amongst others, has encouraged Elena to use the app every day. “It’s like a habit now,” she explains. “In the beginning, I’ll forget. But now I got in the habit, and I walk every day, so I just put my music on and I think I may as well do this”.

When it comes to office culture, L Marks thought that the leaderboards and the bespoke competitions their YuLife account manager, Georgia, sets up for them strengthen the sense of community in the office. “We check the leaderboards regularly,” Annie tells us. “It’s brought out the competitive spirit in our team. We’ve used it as a time to get together and mention the winners at our quarterly meetings. We get so feisty!”.

Annie also wanted to share her team’s experience with the YuLife support team. “We had one member of the team whose steps weren’t being counted, and he got so upset, ‘I should be at the top!’. So we told him to get in touch with the YuLife support team and he did, and it got fixed quickly and painlessly”.

Both Elena and Annie are saving up their YuCoin for some ASOS gift cards. “It’s so sad to see the number go down, though,” Elena laughs. “When I redeemed my first ASOS voucher my YuCoin number went down to like 50 and it was so sad”.

L Marks have had YuLife since August 2018, and they feel like it’s really enhanced their business. “If you’re an HR person considering YuLife, I’d say absolutely go for it!” Annie says. “It’s a great balance of offering something that’s important like life insurance, and obviously that being a perk in of itself, but it has the added perks of the wellbeing side of things as well. It actually does encourage people to engage with it, so I think it’s great. It’s your friendly step count that everyone uses and helps your team create and maintain real healthy habits”.

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