4 things YuLife Chief Wellbeing Officer Dr Rangan Chatterjee Teaches us about Wellbeing.

Sammy Rubin shares what YuLife has learnt from Dr. Chatterjee's philosophies on wellbeing and how we can make small changes to achieve a healthier life.

Sammy Rubin - 8 June 2020

I wanted to touch upon the wellbeing philosophy behind YuLife that was inspired by Dr Rangan Chatterjee, our Chief Wellbeing Officer. Dr Chatterjee has an alternative view on medicine to a lot of physicians with a focus on wellbeing as a key approach to living a healthy life. I’d like to share how four key areas in his ethos - lifestyle, balance, taking small steps and seeing results - have helped define YuLife, as well as my own personal approach to wellbeing.

Wellbeing is about lifestyle

Dr Chatterjee talked about his time in a GP practice and how he felt he could only help around 20% of his patients with traditional medicines and practices. He realised we needed a different approach that wasn’t just about medication but lifestyle; a term he branded “lifestyle medicine.” Lifestyle medicine is a core part of his narrative and has inspired us in terms of our philosophy. In his book The 4 Pillar Plan, he further breaks this down into “eat, sleep, move, and relax”, which are grounding principles for me.

Wellbeing requires balance

Wellbeing isn’t just about changing one part of our life; These are four areas to integrate into our lives that are integral in discovering what makes us tick as humans – eating, sleeping, moving and relaxing. In Dr Chatterjee’s second book, “The Stress Solution,” he talks about the connection between physical and mental wellbeing and the interconnectedness of mind and body, often considered to be two separate entities. For his mental wellbeing, he often uses the Calm App to manage stress.

Small steps make the biggest difference.

Dr Chatterjee recently launched the book “Feel better in 5” which helps readers to break wellbeing down into smaller, more manageable chunks.  The gym and different physical activities in wellbeing have always come across as complex; The philosophy that, in order to be well, you need to use the right machines at the gym and do the right exercises has been constantly reinforced. Dr Chatterjee’s ethos instead focuses on the small things and taking small steps. He talks about “5-minute wellbeing snacks” that people can take part in throughout the day, be that a walk, stretching, or meditation. Take small steps and see huge gains. This is part of the philosophy that drives our product.

Wellness is about results and successes

In Dr Chatterjee’s podcast, “Feel Better, Live More,” he discusses that there is no point in adopting a philosophy for philosophy’s sake - It’s about making changes and seeing results. In the BBC documentary “Doctor in the House” when he visited people’s homes, he showed how small lifestyle changes make a huge difference. With an 8-week programme, people saw astounding results, like reversing the symptoms of type-2 diabetes.

Dr Chatterjee has been a beacon of wellbeing. He captures what YuLife is all about - inspiring people to live their best lives. He understands how, through our app and challenges, we are inspiring people to take small steps to make a difference.

When we talk about results, is I love to see the results in people. When I’m looking for inspiration, I love seeing YuLife’s Trustpilot reviews. It’s important to remember each individual that we are impacting.  We have an opportunity to really make a difference and inspire people to live their best lives.

One review, in particular, that we received last week stood out to me as it captures and exemplifies all the great work everyone is doing:

“I absolutely love YuLife!

I use the app every single day without fail - it has become part of my daily life and integral to my wellbeing. I know I have to go for a walk or meditate in order to gain extra coins and unlock extra rewards, but this isn't overwhelming as the expectations are manageable - you can take a 5-minute stroll or a half-hour walk - there is no pressure to perform at all.

I have been using the app every day for 38 days so far and I have enough coins already to redeem against a 10-pound amazon voucher (but I am going to save up all of my coins ready for Christmas!) get fit and go shopping with free money?! what's not to love!”

The fact that we are able to inspire this type of emotion and feedback is a testament to the work that’s going on the ground. This all comes down to a philosophy of wellbeing to inspire people to live their best lives and when we get a review like this, we see that we are actually making a difference to our members’ lives.

Sammy Rubin

Sammy Rubin is the Founder & CEO of YuLife, a life insurance company that strives to offer effective life cover and improve the health and overall wellbeing of its users.