26 Ways to Give the Gift of Wellbeing

A comprehensive list of the best wellbeing gift ideas in different price points for your health-obsessed friends and family.

Yugi the Giraffe - 3 December 2018

It's finally December, which means it's basically Christmas. At last, the Christmas lights we've had on since October make sense! But together with festive cosiness comes frantic gift shopping, which can be less nice if you want to stick to healthy gifts. And really, there's no better way to show your friends you love them than to take care of their wellbeing.

That's what we're here for! We've collected a comprehensive list of the best wellbeing gift ideas in different price points for your health-obsessed friend and cynical family alike. Gifts that people will actually enjoy and get them one step closer to their new year resolutions at the same time!

Exercise gifts

1. Yoga equipment

REEHUT Yoga Wheel

Whether it's a yoga mat, wheel or block, yoga equipment is a great gift for an exercise enthusiast or even to get a beginner started.

Lift and Lengthen Yoga Block, £15 || REEHUT Yoga Wheel, £19.49 || Yoga-Mad Evolution Mat, £22

2. Wireless earphones

Apple AirPods

What better motivation is there to hit the gym or go for a run than nice, loud music in your ears? Wireless earphones are the perfect way to listen to music when you're working out - and they're a great motivator too.

Running Headphones, £17.99 || Apple AirPods, £159 || SoundSport Pulse Wireless Headphones, £199.95

3. Reusable water bottle

24Bottles Clima Bottle

Drinking from plastic bottles is a drag on the environment, but it's also expensive and not healthy for us. Spoil your friend with a quality water bottle to help them get their game on!

Chilly's Metal Bottle, £20 || Slim Memobottle, £27.81 || 24Bottles Clima Bottle, £30.43

4. Wearables

Garmin Forerunner

Wearables are booming right now, and they can be a great gift for someone who wants to track their improvement.

Fitbit Alta HR, £129.99 || Garmin Forerunner, £169.99 || Apple Watch, £399

Mindfulness gifts

5. Diffuser set

Muji Aroma Diffuser

Essential oils can be great at making your bedroom (or living room. Or any part of your house really) the best smelling room around, but you can also mix and match different oils to relax (lavender and chamomile), energise (peppermint and lemon), or boost your mood (bergamot and orange). A nice diffuser with a couple of your favourite essential oils can be an amazing gift!

Skymore Essential Oils Gift Set, £12.69 || Aromatherapy Diffuser, £19.99 || Large Aroma Diffuser, £89.95

6. Pillow spray

Neom Pillow Mist

Pillow sprays are a great gift for someone who struggles to fall asleep or simply likes to sleep in style.

Goodnight Pillow Mist, £15 || Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, £18 || Perfect Night's Sleep Pillow Mist, £20

7. Aromatherapy roll-on

Neal's Yard Aromatheraphy

The market is full of amazing oil roll-ons that are built to help you relax - just roll onto pulse points and feel the difference. They're a great idea for a student (exam panic be gone!) or for a friend that struggles with stress.

The Little Box of Mindfulness, £11.95 || Aromatherapy Pulse Point Roller Ball, £12 || Remedies To Roll Set, £28

8. Scented candles

Yankee Candles

There's nothing that can get you into the Christmas spirit more than a few deliciously scented candles. Help your friends unwind with this soothing gift!

Christmas Magic Yankee Candle, £23.99 || Bath & Body Works Woodland Scented Candle, £24.49 || Jo Malone Incense & Embers Home Candle, £47

9. Meditation cushion

Lotuscrats Meditation Cushion

The best part about Christmas gifts is buying something your loved ones want but will never get for themselves. Unless they're a meditation pro, a meditation cushion is probably one of these gifts. A meditation cushion can help with posture while meditating, and can take your friends' mindfulness to the next level!

Pillow Block, £14.90 || Om Vita Zafu Yoga Meditation Cushion, £29.99 || Lotuscrats Crescent-Zafu Meditation Cushion, £34.95

Clothing gifts

10. Onesie or pyjamas

ASOS Dinosaure Onesie

Being cosy is the first step to fight stress, and nothing says "cosy" more than a soft onesie or pyjama set.

Fleece Textured Long Sleeve Onesie, £20 || Dinosaur Monster Fleece Onesie, £35 || Christmas Snowman Onesie, £35

11. Crystal or diffuser jewellery

KerrieBerrieBrighton Diffuser Necklace

Some people believe that crystals can improve people's energy, and diffuser jewellery allows you to pour some essential oils into it to absorb into your body. Either way, there are some beautiful pieces of jewellery out there that will make amazing gifts!

Aromatherapy Locket, £15 || Lava Stone Diffuser Necklace, £15.26 || Purple Amethyst Raw Crystal Threaders, £32.76

12. Cosy socks or slippers

ASOS Penguin Slippers

Winter time requires nice slippers and fluffy socks, or else, how would we fight the cold and relax?

Pom Pom Bedsocks, £5 || Fluffy Pom Boot Slippers, £12.99 || Loungeable Penguin With Bobble Hat Slipper, £16

13. Sleep mask

Monki Furry Sleeping Mask

With so many screens around us, sometimes falling asleep is a struggle. A sleep mask can be a great way to block out that blue light and sleep more comfortably. And even better - there are so many beautiful ones out there to gift your loved ones.

Furry Sleeping Mask, £5 || Cruisin' For A Snoozin' Sleep Mask, £6.50 || Gini the Giraffe Eyemask, £10

Skincare gifts

14. Natural body cream

REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Lotion

It's so dry out, and a body cream can make anyone feel as luxurious as can be.

Super Rich Body Butter, £9.99 || Moroccan Rose Otto Body Lotion, £28 || Geranium & Orange Body Balm, £30

15. Natural face mask

Pai Rosehip Mask

Help your friends take care of their skin even when it's literally freezing outside and all they want to do is hide under a mountain of blankets.

Overnight Mask to Quench Skin's Thirst, £27 || White Tea Enriching Facial Mask, £28 || Rosehip BioRegenerate Rapid Radiance Mask, £30

16. Spa or bath set

Lush Twilight Bath Bomb

There's nothing like a good pampering set for Christmas. Just get a bath shelf, bath salts or bath bombs and in soothing, natural scents.

Twilight Bath Bomb, £3.95 || Bubble Bath Machine, £14.99 || Bath Caddy, £61.83

17. Massagers

Prezzybox Dual Foot Massager

Going for a massage is a treat, but with a massager, your friend would be able to get a foot rub, head massage or back rub every day!

Spider Head Massager, £6.99 || Vibrating Body Massager, £7.99 || Dual Foot Massager, £12.99

Food and drink gifts

18. Food subscription

Graze Healthy Snack Subscription

Encourage your friends to eat better and cook more with a food box subscription that will inspire them.

Graze Healthy Snack Box, £4.49 || Oddbox Veg Subscription, £8.99+ || Able and Cole Fruit and Veg Box, £13.25+

19. Tea set

Teapigs Tea Pick n' Mix

Every tea lover will appreciate a nice infusion and some tea accessories.

Classic World Tea Bag Selection, £13.95 || Tea Pick n' Mix, £17.99 || Deep Blue Dreams, £38

20. Lunchbox

Asentech UK Wooden Bento Box

Getting food out every day for lunch can be very expensive - and less healthy than making your own food. A great way to inspire your friends to cook more is to get them a chic lunchbox to replace their plastic Tupperware.

Square Indian-Box, £8.22 || Japanese Style Wooden Bento Box, £17.99 || Insulated Food Canister, £34.95

21. Cast iron dish or slow cooker

Le Creuset Cast Iron Dish

Speaking of cooking more, a nice cast iron pot or slow cooker is a great high-end gift (even though you can settle for a non-branded version rather than a hefty Le Creuset pot that will set you back a few hundred pounds) for a cooking enthusiast or someone who wants to start their healthy cooking journey.

VonChef Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Casserole Dish, £32.99 || Sear and Stew Slow Cooker, £32.99 || Le Creuset Cast Iron Round Casserole, £195

Book gifts

22. Meditation guidebook

Mindfulness for Dummies

It's a lot more than just breathe-in, breathe-out. Get a stressed friend a meditation guidebook (or a meditation app subscription) to help them get calmer.

Meditation Now: A Beginner's Guide, £10 || Mindfulness for Dummies, £16.99 || The Mindfulness in Plain English Collection, £30

23. Self-help book

The Four Pillar Plan

All of us have something they want to improve on, and although your friends are perfect in your eyes, they're no different. Just pick up a self-help book that'll help your friends be their best selves!

The Happiness Project, £6.16 || Declutter Your Mind, £11.55 || The Four Pillar Plan, £16.99

24. Wellbeing journal

100 Days of Happiness Journal

Tracking your health - mental and physical - can really help your wellbeing. There are some great wellbeing journals on the market and they can be a really thoughtful gift to someone who wants to keep up with their body and mind.

100 Days of Happiness Journal, £6 || Bossing It Journal, £10 || The Positive Planner, £23 ||

25. Colouring book set

Colour Yourself to Calmness

If your friend needs some mindfulness in their life but isn't too much into meditation, get them a nice colouring book and pens or pencils and see how they relax.

Secret Garden, £7.16 || Colour Yourself to Calmness, £7.99 || Triplus Colour Fibre Tip Pens, £62.50

26. Healthy cookbook

The Plant-Based Cookbook

Encouraging your friends to eat healthily AND diversify their recipe collection? Sign me up!

Healthyish, £21.99 || Deliciously Ella - The Plant-Based Cookbook, £25 || David Tanis Market Cooking, £32

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