How YuLife creates a nurturing environment for its workers

Life insurance startup YuLife wants its employees to be their true, authentic selves. In our interview with Cali Gold, Head of People, she explains how they achieve that in practice.

Leadership & Strategy

4 minute read

It’s more than salaries and pensions: Moneyhub tells us what good financial health looks like

Content and Communities Manager Ellen Cale explains how the money management app Moneyhub, which YuLifers can now access free for six months, helps people build good financial wellness habits.

Health & Wellbeing Benefits

4 minute read

Empowering your people strategy with purpose: How to implement effective ESG initiatives

It's clear that in 2022, both companies and their employees are thinking about Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues. Here, three business leaders share their tips for building a robust ESG strategy.

Leadership & Strategy

8 minute read

SimplyBiz Partners with Protection Provider YuLife

SimplyBiz announces new collaboration with group life, income protection and critical illness provider, YuLife.

News & Events

1 minute read

Group Income Protection: Why Your Employees Need It

Group income protection is a great way of looking after your employees' financial, mental and physical wellbeing if they're off work sick for a prolonged time. Here's why you should include it in your employee benefits package.


4 minute read